Filing documents other than the request for unitary effect 
Once a request for unitary effect has been filed, any other documents needed for the procedure for obtaining a Unitary Patent or relating to already registered Unitary Patents may be filed with the EPO in Munich, The Hague or Berlin, either electronically, using one of the EPO's online filing options, or by hand or by postal services. 
The EPO provides forms which serve either as a prepared acknowledgement of receipt (Form 7037) or as a letter accompanying subsequently filed documents (Form 7038). Documents (other than authorisations) may also be filed by fax. Documents cannot be filed by email, on diskette, or by teletex, telegram, telex or similar means.
With the exception of annexes, any documents filed after the filing of the request for a Unitary Patent, i.e. of the request unitary effect, must be duly signed. The signatory's name and position must be clear from the signature. If the signature is omitted from a document, the EPO will invite the party concerned to sign within a fixed time limit. If signed in due time, the document retains its original date of receipt; otherwise it is deemed not to have been received (Rule 50(3) EPC, which applies mutatis mutandis pursuant to Rule 20(2)(c) UPR).

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