A Unitary Patent may be transferred only in respect of all the participating Member States (Article 3(2) Regulation (EU) No 1257/2012). Transfers are recorded in the Register for Unitary Patent Protection at the request of an interested party and on production of documents satisfying the EPO that they have taken place. Requests for recording a transfer are deemed not to have been filed until such time as the prescribed administrative fee has been paid (Rules 22(1) and (2) EPC in conjunction with Article 5 RFeesUPP).
Any kind of written evidence suitable to prove the transfer is admissible. This includes formal documentary proof such as the instrument of transfer itself (original or a copy thereof) or other official documents or extracts from them, provided that they directly verify the transfer. If there is any doubt, the EPO may ask for a certified copy of the document. Where the original document is not in one of the EPO's three official languages, it may require a certified translation into one of those languages (it will only require certification that the translation corresponds to the original text if it has serious doubts as to the accuracy of the translation). A declaration signed by both parties to the contract verifying the transfer is also sufficient.  
The above standard of proof also applies to the registration of licences and rights in rem. For registration of legal means of execution, however, the instrument itself (original or copy) must be filed. 
If the evidence presented is found to be unsatisfactory, the EPO will inform the party requesting the transfer accordingly and invite it to remedy the stated deficiencies. If the request complies with the requirements of Rule 22(1) EPC, the transfer will be registered with the date on which the request, the required evidence or the fee was received by the EPO, whichever is the latest.

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