Fee amounts and payment methods 
Fee amounts, payment methods and effective payment dates with respect to Unitary Patents are governed by the Rules relating to Fees for Unitary Patent Protection (RFeesUPP).
The main fees provided for in the RFeesUPP are: 
additional fee for belated payment of a renewal fee (Article 2(1), item 2, RFeesUPP),
fee for re-establishment of rights (Article 2(2) RFeesUPP),
fees, expenses and prices laid down by the President of the EPO, such as the fee for registering transfers, licences and other rights (Article 5 RFeesUPP).
The RFeesUPP also provide for a reduction of 15% in the renewal fees if a licence of right is registered (Article 3 RFeesUPP). They also lay down the amount of the lump sum to be paid as compensation for translation costs and the administrative fee to be paid if the EPO finds that compensation was granted on the basis of a false eligibility declaration (Article 4 RFeesUPP).
Fee payments, which must be made in Euro, can be made online by debit order from an EPO deposit account in Online Fee Payment or by using online filing services. Fees can also be paid online by credit card. Moreover, you can pay your fees to the EPO by bank transfer.Fee payments, which must be made in Euro, can be made to the EPO by payment or transfer to a bank account held by the EPO, or by debiting a deposit account held with the EPO (see the Arrangements for deposit accounts (ADA) and their annexes). Holders of EPO deposit accounts may also use the EPO's Online Fee Payment service.
Moreover, it is important to note that under the RFeesUPP, some core procedural provisions of the Rules relating to Fees under the EPC, namely Articles 4 to 8 and Articles 12 and 13 (due dates, payment of fees, particulars concerning payments, date to be considered as the date on which payment is made, insufficiency of the amount paid), apply mutatis mutandis to the Unitary Patent. This means, in particular, that payments may be made by any person, including persons who are obliged to be represented.
Guidance on paying fees is published periodically in the Official Journal. This enables you to find out at any time which Rules relating to Fees are currently applicable and whether any information given in this guide has changed since it was published. It is advisable to check the latest information on paying fees available on the EPO website and from the EPO's Customer Desk.
For general advice and recommendations on paying fees to the EPO, please also see the EPO's "How to get a European patent Guide for applicants".


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