About the online Official Journal


The Official Journal became an electronic-only publication in January 2014. The decision to cease publishing on paper was taken following analysis of current publishing trends and an online consultation process to establish user needs.


All articles are now available as HTML files (web pages) to facilitate on-screen reading, and include links to material cited in them.

Each page presents an article in one official language. However, you can print the article in all three official languages together, if so wished.

Certified PDF

In addition to the HTML pages, the Office publishes an officially certified PDF file for each issue.

The PDF of the full issue will have an MD5 hash, i.e. a 32-digit number that can be used to make sure that the version is official. You can check the number by clicking the "i" icon next to the "Download certified PDF" link.

Screenshot showing information on MD5 hash (JPG)

Referencing system

The online Official Journal no longer uses page numbers as a way of referencing articles. Instead, as from 2014, each article carries a reference number starting with "A", e.g. OJ EPO 2014, A12.

These article numbers start at A1 for the first article in the first issue of the year and continue sequentially throughout the year. At the start of a new year, a new sequence begins and the first article again carries the reference A1.

Page numbers are included in the PDF file for your convenience but should not be used for citations. 


Currently only new issues of the OJ are available as HTML pages. We are working to convert the full archive to HTML and will add older issues in batches as they become available.


If you would like to be informed every time a new issue or supplementary publication is published, you can subscribe to our RSS feed or e-mail alerts.

New publications will also be announced in our fortnightly email newsletter.

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