Registration (Rule 28 IPREE)


The online registration of periods of training activity or employment takes about 15 minutes to complete.

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It is now compulsory for candidates to register their professional activities and training. Please refer to the amended Rule 28 IPREE which entered into force on 13 February 2017.

Who has to register and by when?

All candidates who, according to Article 11(2) REE have started

  • training under the supervision of a professional representative, or
  • to represent their employer before the EPO, or
  • to perform duties of an examiner at the EPO,

and who

  • intend to enrol to the EQE for the first time or
  • have requested enrolment to the EQE in the past and were not admitted,

must now register. 

Candidates are expected to register shortly after starting their professional training. Deadline for compulsory registration prior to enrolment for the pre-examination 2021 is 15 January 2020. See  OJ EPO 2018, A99

Who does not need to register?

Candidates who have already been admitted to the EQE (pre- or main examination) are registered and therefore do not need to register again. This includes candidates who have already been admitted to the EQE but have not yet sat an examination paper.

Which training periods can I have recognised?

Candidates are strongly advised to register at the start of their training or employment activities.  It will however also be possible to register periods of professional activity completed in the past.

How do I register?

The registration must be done via the EQE web portal.

Candidates should have the following documents ready at hand:

  • certified copy of valid ID or passport;
  • certified copy of academic qualifications (ie diploma certificate and transcript of records);
  • certificate of training or employment signed by the trainer and candidate;
  • where applicable, proof of epi student membership.

Please refer to the FAQs on the EQE website for further details on certification of documents. Once the process has been completed, candidates will receive an overview of the online registration as well as a link to upload all supporting documents and the signed overview.

What are the consequences if I do not register?

Candidates who do not register, cannot enrol to the EQE.

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