East meets West 2020

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East meets West
(Photo: Alexander Müller)

Forum on patent knowledge and patent information from Asia and beyond

The East meets West forum provides an update on the most important developments in patent information and IP developments in Asia and other jurisdictions. Experts will provide first-hand information on how to cope with the growing amount of patent data from Asia, how to maximise the opportunities made available by AI and new search tools and how to correctly interpret the search results, taking into consideration the continuously changing IP landscape.  

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East meets West 2020 will take place on 23/24 April 2020 in Vienna. Please contact us for further information at asiainfo@epo.org

Benefit from expert insights on the following:

  • legal events categorisation in Asia
  • recent and upcoming law amendments
  • efficient exploitation of official search tools
  • cross lingual search possibilities in original text
  • jurisdictions in the focus: Japan, China, Korea, Myanmar, Brazil, Eurasia..

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