The PATLIB Summit

PATLIB2019 posterPorto, Portugal, 6 and 7 May 2019

Since its creation in 1990, the PATLIB network has grown to more than 300 Patent Information Centres in Europe. This success is the result of many efforts by the PATLIB centres themselves, the national patent offices and the EPO.

In May 2019, the EPO will hold a strategic meeting – the PATLIB Summit – to reflect on the PATLIB concept and to pave the way for the reorientation of PATLIB centres to highly skilled, modern, relevant patent and innovation service providers.

The PATLIB Summit will gather representatives of national patent offices of the EPO's member states, their PATLIB centres, and their host organisations. European and international organisations involved in IP, technology transfer and innovation will also be represented.

Participation in the PATLIB Summit is by invitation only.

More information to follow.


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