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Artificial intelligence (AI) and software inventions in general are set to play a key role in smart optical network planning, control and management as well as in transmission-related aspects such as optical MIMO, non-linear effect mitigation and performance monitoring. How can people protect their AI inventions? How relevant is patenting for AI inventions? How do patents interact with (telecom) standards?

The European Patent Office will be presenting the opportunities for patenting your AI inventions within the context of its well-defined practices for patenting software-related inventions.

You will also be able to learn about our other services, including Espacenet, which offers free access to 100 million patent documents from around the world, including machine translations of Asian documents. 

The European Patent Office at OFC

5-7 March 2019
Booth #6319
San Diego, California

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How to patent AI and software-related inventions in Europe

Speaker: Åsa Ribbe
Venue: Expo Theater III on the exhibit floor
Time: Wednesday, 6 March 2019 at 11.30 AM

A special message for IP professionals:

Responding to the technical convergence of the computer and telecommunications industries with the creation of an ICT technical section within the office, the EPO has brought together into one unit the EPO's entire competence and specialisations in telecommunications, computers and related areas. Bundling together its technological and legal knowledge in converging technologies across a wide range of ICT matters such as computer-implemented inventions and specific topics like IT security, network and computer applications, and human-computer interaction, the service offered by the EPO can be considered best-in-class, providing true value to applicants, industry and the public.

Why choose the EPO for ICT patent applications?

  • All the expertise you need is focused in one team
  • Consistent approach to software-related inventions
  • Unique collection of standards and Asian documentation for the best prior art searches

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