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Patent information training

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To find patent information seminars, please use the searchable calendar of events.

"Patent Information Tour" e-learning modules

The Patent Information Tour is a collection of short e-learning modules introducing users to patents and to patent information and its application in particular. The interactive, free-of-charge Tour consists of four topics with short animated sequences.

Live online training (virtual classroom)

The service  

The European Patent Office offers live online training on topics related to patent information. This free-of-charge service is also known as the "virtual classroom". Interested learners can connect to these live events and interactively participate orally (via "voice-over-IP" VoIP) or by exchanging written notes. Experts from Vienna will present the content, demonstrate live searches with the various EPO patent information products and respond to the participants' questions. To make best use of the session attendees should have a headset or at least a microphone. Users with only audio speakers or headphones can still participate but need to communicate in writing. 

How to participate 

The programme is constantly being updated. For more information about these events, please check the searchable calendar of events, and limit your search to "Online training" in the "Medium" field. After registering to a particular event, users will receive an e-mail invitation with all the necessary event details. Participants can simply follow a link contained in the e-mail to automatically connect to the event shortly before the it starts.


This service is operated via an external service provider (Webex). The first time you connect a small software application will be installed on your PC. The application should run on all common operating systems. Please confirm that you trust the source of the software (Webex) if you are asked during the set-up process. If you have problem, please contact Webex support. Their details are available in the EPO's virtual classroom portal. Alternatively, please write to the responsible EPO unit. (Please note that EPO support cannot be guaranteed during a live session.) 

Training on request

As well as offering patent information courses at our training centre in Vienna, the European Patent Office can provide training on request (usually on our customers' premises). In the past we have organised a number of such training courses for industry and the public sector around Europe.

General points

Customers interested in having training organised by us on their own premises should refer to our seminar schedule. Here and in the previous schedules you can find a representative list of courses. These can also be divided or combined to create a course programme that fits your requirements. If you need a more customised course, please contact our Vienna training team for details.

Class sizes

To make training efficient, courses should have a minimum of six participants. The recommended upper limit is 16 participants, to allow the trainer to spend enough time with each individual. However, the courses can be modified to accommodate larger numbers: please talk to our training organisers.

Facilities on-site

For hands-on training, including practical exercises, we ask the customer to provide a training room equipped with a trainer PC, a data projector (beamer), a flipchart and at least one PC, with internet access, for each two participants.
For presentations, and where no hands-on training is required, one presenter computer, a data projector (beamer) and a flipchart should be sufficient.


Course fees are charged at cost, to cover travel expenses, time and trainer's allowance. Please contact us for an estimate.


Contact us to find out more about course content and costs, the availability of trainers, and everything you (and we) need to know to ensure a successful training event.


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