FAQ - Academic Research Programme



Is the project I intend to submit for the Academic Research Programme covered by the thematic areas listed in the selection criteria?

Your proposed topic's relevance in terms of the thematic areas will be evaluated by independent peer-reviewers. The EPO Academic Research Team cannot give feedback or advice on the content of projects during the application process.

What costs may qualify for a research grant under the Academic Research Programme?

All project-related costs, including those for permanent or temporary research staff, data-related costs and any relevant additional expenses. For more details, see Section 6 of the application form.

What proportion of the total cost of a research project under the Academic Research Programme should be made up of indirect costs and/or overheads?

There is no fixed proportion for these costs; they must however be reasonable and well substantiated. Whether the total cost is appropriate will be assessed in the light of the proposed project's relevance and in comparison with other projects.

Who can be the EPO's contracting partner for research grants under the Academic Research Programme?

The EPO will conclude the contract with either the individual or the institution indicated under "Main applicant 1" in Section 1 of the application form.

Does the Academic Research Programme's English-language requirement also apply to the project work?

The project proposal and any other reports – interim or final – presented to the EPO must be in English.


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