Research project grants 2017

The following six research projects were awarded funding under the EPO Academic Research Programme in 2017:



Lead applicant


Thematic area

Innovation and technological content of imports

Measure how international technology diffusion encourages local exports

I. Bagayev

University College Dublin

Patents, trade and foreign direct investment

Financing innovation in Europe

Measure the impact of Financial Constraints on Corporate Innovation

D. Heller

Goethe University Frankfurt


Innovation in climate change mitigation technologies and environmental regulation

Measure the impact of environmental regulation on innovation in CCMT

J. Lochard

Université de Créteil

Climate change mitigation technologies

Insights from product-patent correspondence

Create a public dataset matching PATSTAT with innovative products

G. de Rassenfosse

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Advanced use of PATSTAT

Career paths of patent attorneys

Create a public dataset of individual European patent attorneys

L. Maicher

Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Patent services and intermediaries

Knowledge spillovers from product and process inventions and their impact on firm performance

Measure the impact of information disclosure from product versus process inventions

M. Wörter

ETH Zurich

Advanced use of PATSTAT

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