Best of Search Matters

Best of Search Matters

Search Matters is an annual event that showcases the EPO's patent search strategies and techniques as well as the various publicly accessible databases and search programmes. The main objective of the event is for visiting patent searchers and analysts to improve their search strategies and techniques by gaining an in-depth understanding of the way EPO examiners perform their searches on patent applications.

Topics for presentation at Search Matters are subjected to a stringent internal selection process. For inclusion in this webpage, additional criteria applied to whether they

  • were presented in the most recent Search Matters conferences;
  • resulted in positive feedback from the participants;
  • demonstrated lasting relevance and wide applicability.

A link to an editorial overview on the Best of Seach Matters articles (World Patent Information journal), and a selection of presentation slides and recordings have been arranged in four sections to provide easy access to the presented material for self-paced learning.

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