Terminology training manual for professional representatives

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The overall aim of the EPO's cooperation with its member states is to provide the users of the European patent system with relevant and high-quality patent- related services, strengthen the European Patent Net-work, and promote the interoperability of the EPO and the national offices.

To this end, the European Patent Academy, in co-operation with Principal Directorate European and International Co-operation, has launched a language training programme consisting of two parts: general language training and patent terminology training.

Designed to complement the general language training programme, the patent terminology training programme combines important vocational training with specialised patent-related terminology. It is aimed at three target groups - examiners in national patent offices, professional representatives and delegates to the EPO bodies - to ensure that those who will benefit most from this vital knowledge have access to the best resources.

The present manual will help users improve both their proficiency in English and their knowledge of the vocabulary and terminology commonly used in the European patent grant procedure. A set of three  terminology training books, each of which will be available in the EPO's three official languages, is being developed to accompany the programme in collaboration with the leading authorities for these languages.

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