Where can I see what the user interface for the computer based EQE looks like?

There is a short video available which explains how the user interface works. You can also read the user guide here.

What happens if I no longer wish to participate in the pilot?

While it is assumed that you made a conscious decision to volunteer, you are free to withdraw from the pilot. However, if you do so, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to take the EQE at your preferred centre, if that was not the centre in Munich.

What happens if I wish to withdraw from one or more papers?

You were selected to take part in the pilot because you enrolled for all four papers. In the interest of fairness to all candidates, now that you have been selected, you are expected to take all four papers. If, however, you feel it necessary to withdraw from one or more papers, you may do so and still sit the other papers in the pilot group.

Do the same time constraints apply as for the regular EQE?

Yes, the time allowed for the individual papers is the same. for the pilot group.

How will I log on to the PC?

An individual user ID and password will be provided at the beginning of each examination paper.

Will a printed version of the the exam paper also be available?

Yes, you will receive the examination paper in the three official languages in paper form like any other candidate not using a computer. As some candidates like to take hand written notes during the examination, you will also receive some scrap paper (blank sheets of A4 paper). You can use the paper copy of the examination paper and the scrap paper to highlight and make notes. However, your answer paper will consist only of the computer- written electronic answer. Handwritten notes or parts of the printed examination paper will not form part of your answer.

Will the examination paper be provided in digital format to allow cutting and pasting?

Yes, the exam paper will be available in PDF in a viewer.
You can use the standard copy-and-paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V respectively) to copy text in the viewer window and paste it into the text editor. For best results, text should only be copied from the PDF one line at the time. Remember to check the copied text and correct it in the text editor, where necessary.

Where do I save my electronic answer?

You do not have to save your electronic answer during or at the end of the EQE as it is saved regularly and automatically on a server during the exam and at the end. After the EQE, all candidates will be notified once their answers are available on the EQE web portal. This might take some days as the computer-based EQE is still in the pilot phase.

Will I be able to switch to writing on paper if I don't feel comfortable with the PC?

Volunteering to take part in this pilot means using a computer to write your answer. Thus, it will not be possible for candidates to switch to writing on paper.

Will the text editor be Microsoft Word? If not, what will it be?

The text editor is a simple tool for text entry and features cut-and-paste commands as well as a selection of formatting functions (see video and user guide).

Are there any size or font requirements for the exam?

There are two fonts available and your entire paper must be written in either one of them. There is no choice of font size but the text displayed on screen can be zoomed to any size. Bold/italics/underline/strike-through are available as font attributes

Will there be an opportunity to print and review my answer to check for errors before handing it in?

No, answer papers cannot be printed. However, reading and scrolling on screen is simple and you can make changes or corrections instantly.

Do I need to set aside time to allow for printing?

There will be no printing. See above.

What size is the monitor?

The laptop has a 14" screen. There is no separate monitor.

Can I bring my own keyboard and mouse?

Yes, provided these devices have a wired connection with a standard USB 2.0 Type-A connector. If you plan to use your own keyboard, you must indicate the layout you wish to use in advance, by 7 February 2020 at the latest. Otherwise, the keyboard will function like a Swiss-German keyboard (see here - link). Special keyboard features may not then be supported.

How much desk space will I have to work with the paper copies of the questions?

All candidates will have sufficient desk space to work with the paper copies, namely two tables measuring 120 x 80 cm each.

Will I be able to fill in the opposition form of paper C in PDF?

The opposition form is no longer part of paper C (see Notice from the Examination Board on the EQE website).

Is it possible to obtain a trial version of the text editor for practice purposes?

A trial version is currently not available. However, you are invited to watch the short video demonstrating the user interface. The text editor behaves like any other basic editor (Word, WordPad, etc.) with limited functions (see video and user guide).

Are there any provisions in place in the event of an extended delay due to technical problems?

The system has been tested extensively and highly reliable. In the very unlikely event of problems, as with any unforeseen events during the EQE, measures will be taken to avoid any disadvantage for candidates.

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