Example of mock questions

Here you can find five sample multiple-choice questions from the first part of the EPAC exam.

The first part of the exam consists of 15 questions. For each question, the candidate will be asked to select the most correct answer from four alternative options. The duration of the first part is one hour.

A correct answer will be awarded one point.

Where a candidate gets eight or more questions correct, they will be considered to have passed the first part, and the second part of the exam will then be marked by the EPAC board. Where a candidate gets seven or fewer questions correct, the examination will be considered failed and their second part will not be marked.

Here you can also find two examples of open questions from the second part of the EPAC exam.

The second part consists of up to six open questions for a total of 30 points.

The duration of the second part is two hours.

Candidates will be able to see the number of points attributed to each question.

In the second part, candidates are not asked to specify legal bases in their answers but to provide correct reasoning.

The questions will be available in the three official languages of the EPO. However, candidates will have access only to the language selected at enrolment.

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