About the intellectual property course design manual

What is the intellectual property course design manual?

The intellectual property course design manual is a helpful tool for university lecturers wishing to introduce or offer more in-depth intellectual property programmes.

You will find a wide range of modules designed to cover all aspects of intellectual property. The manual does not deliver teaching material itself, but provides an overview of the main topics along with comments, references and links.

Who is it for?

The modules in this manual can be used individually or in combination to introduce IP to students across a range of disciplines, in particular business/economics, innovation management and law, and for a range of levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate and beyond.

What does it contain?

Each module in this manual provides a full list of suggested topics, as well as the learning objectives, target audience, prior knowledge required, related modules, teacher profile and suggested duration.

The manual consists of twenty-two modules grouped into five core areas:

  • Introduction to IP
  • IP management and commercialisation (advanced)
    - modules for postgraduate students who plan to work in innovation management or business management,
    - including marketing and commercialisation of technology, or public or private R&D
  • IP law (advanced)
  • IP for specific disciplines (computer science, biotechnology, music and the fine arts, industrial design)
  • Research projects
    - modules for postgraduate students who want to apply what they have learnt to a practical research project

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