What about you?

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Inventors often fail to appreciate how much of the spotlight will be on them when they present their idea to businesses. Experienced investors tend to back the person rather than the idea, so they will look closely at your ability to help make your idea succeed.

How do you think you might measure up to the challenge?

  • Do you know how far you want to take your idea?
  • Do you have a plan for getting there?
  • How much of the actual work will you do?
  • Who will perform the tasks you cannot do?

It is important to understand that:

  • Few individuals possess all the skills needed to develop an invention.
  • Many investors are reluctant to back one-person ventures.
  • Many businesses will not deal with individuals.

Therefore, some kind of team effort is usually needed. We will deal with this more fully in Part 6 - Building a team and seeking funding .

Before you can answer this question, you perhaps need to consider the different ways in which you might benefit financially from your idea.

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