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Laura Püschel

I am currently working in the Content Creation team.

Since day one, I have not stopped developing my skills. My tutor, team and colleagues provide me with never never-ending inspiration by pushing me to do my best, supporting me, and making me feel at home. The diverse and inclusive environment at the EPO broadens your mind on both a personal and professional level and my involvement in different projects has furthered my knowledge and interests.

The Pan-European Seal traineeship is truly an experience you won't forget. Don't miss out and apply now for the 2022 programme!

Miguel Folque de Gouveia

The Pan-European Seal programme at EPO is a unique traineeship program and I cannot recommend it enough to recent graduates

As an engineer, it is extremely rewarding to work with the state of the art across different fields. At the EPO, I have encountered a diverse working environment, where people from different backgrounds and cultures work together for a common goal, deal with the latest and most challenging technical innovations and foster innovation, competitiveness, and economic growth across Europe.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity that will boost your career, apply!

Alisa Neziraj

The Pan European Seal Traineeship provides an amazing life experience. It is the perfect opportunity to start a career path where you can grow your skills every day.

It is a challenging and equally exciting traineeship as I am working on new and innovative applications daily while also learning language skills and increasing my technical knowledge. I am lucky to be part of such a great team "Non-woven and absorbents", while also having a supportive and motivating tutor who makes the journey much more meaningful. The diversity of the traineeship allows you to take responsibilities, exceed your limits and improve both professionally and personally.

I have found the continuous training programs and language courses very useful and fun. I would also like to highlight the warm and welcoming international environment. Certainly, if I was to go back in time I would not hesitate to apply again.

Ana Cristina da Costa Mortinho

Exploring the world of IP with top professionals from the EPO has been a great opportunity for me.

I currently work within the Healthcare, Biotechnology and Chemistry department, and I am gaining so much knowledge from every person inside and outside my team. The working conditions are great and have allowed us all to grow immensely from the first day of the traineeship. Throughout the programme, I have had the chance to improve my language skills while receiving insights into the work of a patent examiner.

What I appreciate most about this traineeship is the international environment of the office, which fosters such a progressive and co-operative community.

Karolina Szafarowicz

What can I say, a traineeship at the EPO is a dream start to a professional career following graduation.

From working in an international environment, to having the chance to apply your knowledge in practice, to the countless possibilities for self-development, the highlights are endless. As a lawyer working in Procedural Support, I have had the opportunity to not only apply what I have learned in my studies, but also to expand my knowledge by working on many projects that go beyond my prior experience.

But most of all, I have met great people, who from the very first day have welcomed me with open arms.

Sophie Karandikar

I am working within the examining division in the field of Cosmetics and Gallenics, supporting my team to examine new patent applications.

It is difficult to gain experience in the field of patents, so the PES traineeship is a truly unique opportunity. Despite working remotely, my tutor has provided unbelievable support. This support combined with hands-on training has rapidly deepened my patent knowledge and made me feel a valued member of the team.

The PES traineeship is a great opportunity to learn about patents and work in a multi-cultural environment!

Meri Meminaj

The quote, "Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy" summarises my traineeship so far. I applied to the European Patent Office due to the technical nature of my university degree, as well as for the opportunity to further my future professional career.

As my second international experience and through my role as a patent examiner, I can safely say that I have had a lot of problems to solve and a lot of lessons to learn! When joining the EPO, the first weeks in the academy were really demanding.

However, through working with my fellow colleges and my tutor, everything became gradually easier, and I am confident that I will enjoy the coming year. All my contributions and opinions in the team "Tobacco & Handheld-cutting tools" are always appreciated by my colleagues, despite joining them as a young engineer.

Finally, one of the best things in the traineeship so far is of course the fact that I've encountered many new friends from different countries with various cultural backgrounds. In this respect, joining the EPO as a patent examiner in the future is an attractive idea, which motivates me moving forward.

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