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Doga Yetimoglu

I am currently working in the Communication Department, where we have the best content management structures! Since my traineeship started, I have worked in many areas and supported many people. I am passionate about working in an international team on a variety of tasks. If you’re looking for fresh perspectives on business and leadership, you’ll instantly feel part of the team here at the EPO. So don't miss this opportunity!

Robert James Gray

The Pan European Seal traineeship is a truly unique experience, and I cannot recommend it enough. It’s more than just an opportunity to learn about working, it’s an opportunity to learn about yourself. From my first day in the European Co-operation team, I’ve been able to take on responsibility and participate in work that makes a real difference. The friendships and skills I’ve gained by working with people from right across Europe are experiences that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Ceren Yildirim

I support the team of Finance Centre of Excellence on Finance 360 Programme. I have never been a part of such an extensive and multifaceted project, which enabled me to grasp various areas of the finance function and take over many responsibilities. I am continuously developing valuable skills for any future career path, and I am surrounded with inspiring people - colleagues from the Office and fellow trainees. It is a challenge that I am very glad to have taken and I definitely recommend it to recent graduates and young professionals.

Altair Breckwoldt Jurado

I am currently working at the Chief Technology Office, but I have also been cooperating with other departments such as the Chief Economist Unit. I have really loved the experience because from the beginning you can do very motivating and enriching tasks. I graduated from Economics and I have been able to do activities related to research in innovation. During this period, I have also been able to widen greatly my programming skills. I strongly believe that my experience as a trainee has improve my overall professional education and has given me knowledge and motivation to pursue a PhD in Economics.

Pilar Arenas Merino

I am currently working in the Project Management Office and giving support to many different areas and people of the organisation (something which is very positive from this traineeship). Although COVID-19 is not helping too much in the realisation of this experience (we have to work from home, everything is online, no contact with anyone from the organisation, etc.), I have to say it is still totally worth it as I am learning loads of different things both on content but also on how to face difficulties at the work place, the importance of communication, the importance of risk management in the elaboration of projects... Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Inmaculada Sempere Perez

This traineeship is a great opportunity for science students who wish to work with the newest inventions in their technical fields. In addition to the international environment, there is also an exceptional collaborative community feeling at the EPO and I felt very welcomed in my team since the moment I arrived. I am especially thankful for my supervisor, who continuously helped me to expand my knowledge about patents and the EPC. This opportunity has acted as springboard to launch myself into a competitive job market and I can only be grateful for it.

Ava Moddabber

This traineeship is an enriching experience on both professional and personal levels. It has allowed me to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during my studies, but also to learn how such an organisation works. As a Pan European Seal, I had the opportunity to work within multicultural teams as well as benefitting from all the training, for example, in German and the patent grant process, as well as the conferences they offer. The program is really designed to ease the transition between studies and work, while helping you developing your current skills and acquiring new ones!

Alexander Niederwanger

My name is Alexander and I currently work in the field of mobility and mechatronics. I am glad that I had the opportunity to dive into the multifaceted and interesting world of a patent examiner. As I truly value the protection of intellectual property, I did not hesitate to tackle the challenging tasks of examining patents. Despite the current inconvenient situation due to the ongoing pandemic, my tutor and my peers managed to turn this traineeship into an amazing experience.

Jacob Henry Branchflower

Coming from an academically scientific background, whilst not feeling completely at home in a lab environment, the Pan European SEAL programme has given me the perfect opportunity to explore a whole new side of the industry. Working daily on new and innovative patent applications has been an exciting challenge, whilst the responsibility given to me by the EPO has shown their trust in me as an employee and makes me feel like a real member of the team! In this role I feel fulfilled both scientifically and professionally. I could not recommend the scheme higher to anyone who might me interested - you won't regret it!

Rebeca Ferrero Guillén

I am a trainee at the CTO Office, and I am participating in research projects in different technological fields, such as Additive Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence. Although I am a lawyer by training, the Pan-European Seal programme is allowing me to work in more technical areas and to compare views with colleagues from different countries and backgrounds. Despite the pandemic and teleworking, teamwork is possible and very enriching. I am very happy and grateful for this international opportunity as it is helping me in my PhD project and preparing me for my professional future.

Maria Cruz Ferreyra Loira

I am currently supporting the Quality and Risk Management team. From the very beginning I have had the support of my tutor and all my colleagues, and they made me feel as part of the team. I highly value the friendly, enthusiastic and multicultural environment in which I am working. I cooperate with many people from different departments and with different backgrounds which is absolutely enriching. The possibility to carry out very different tasks from those I had done so far, not only allows me to grow professionally and get out of my comfort zone, but also to grow as a person. I am learning a lot and developing new skills that I would like to use in my future career.
This is a great opportunity that I extremely recommend.

Arjona Seferi

I have been working in Business Information Technology department and my project was about Patent searching for electronic circuits. During the whole traineeship I improved a lot my technical as well as soft skills, and also I had the opportunity to be in close connection with some of the brightest minds that have had a substantial impact in offering me support, experience and helped me be more positive toward the future. This experience had a major impact for me as a young professional with experience in EPO… who would have thought that 2020 would be so GREAT!
Do yourself a favor and APPLY!

Inês Malpique

I've learned a lot since I started this Traineeship. The training we are given is very good and complete, it's a continuous learning process to keep us motivated. I am working as a Patent Examiner in the DNA Analysis team, where I was welcomed with a lot of support. Being an international organization, you can feel the diverse and inclusive environment when working at the EPO. It has been a very rewarding experience so far!

Santiago Grijelmo

From the first moment I heard about the Pan-European Seal Programme I thought it was a very good opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, and now I can confirm this first hand. I have always been passionate about intellectual property and working in an international environment. The EPO has given me the opportunity to bring these two things together and now I contribute to raise awareness about the importance of IP for society along with people from all over the world. If you are enthusiastic about this field and want to make others understand its importance, don't hesitate to apply for this programme, you won't regret it.

Barbara Koppány

I joined the team during the peak of the workload and at beginning of the second wave of the pandemic. The first couple of weeks were intensive but through that I learned many valuable skills. Meanwhile I know how to cope with stress, manage my time and drive over my limits. Currently we are having a transition in our department. It is exciting to see how a managerial change happens in real life. If you would like to have vivid experience apply as a Pan-European Trainee in 2021!

Gülsah Bülbül

The Pan-European Seal Traineeship Programme in the EPO is a unique, life changing and priceless experience, on top of being a steppingstone for a successful career. Every day, I grow both professionally and personally by being part of a dynamic team in a multicultural environment.

Being part of the team is not merely an expression here, it has the literal meaning of it. I am part of many projects; I have had many chances to contribute and I am constantly supported to develop and encouraged to work independently.

Even though, I have previous work experience, I am learning something new every day and improving beyond my imagination. I strongly advise anyone who wants to improve and experience an international, multilingual work environment. If you have any doubts, go for it, it's more than worth it!

Anna Carroy

I am currently working in the Mobility and Mechatronics directorate. I assist my tutor in the search phase of the patent examination procedure. The strength of this program lies in the fact that it offers a dedicated tutor. It is rewarding to work with an experienced examiner who highlights the subtleties of the dossiers I treat and who gives me a detailed feedback. Since I started this program, I have broadened my technical knowledge. Moreover, I also attend other courses such as German courses and personal effectiveness training which are profitable for young professionals. This traineeship is an excellent and complete opportunity to enter the domain of patents.

Hajrabibi Ali

I am currently working in the HBC Examiners department, which is responsible for searching and examination of patent applications received by the EPO - important tasks to decide whether to grant them or not! Besides that, I also take part in various training activities and German language courses.

This traineeship has been challenging, stimulating and above all constructive, both professionally and personally. It's not only shaping my knowledge on IP, but it is also teaching me valuable lessons of self-discipline, time-management, efficiency and team work.

This traineeship is a worthwhile investment for the future and a memorable adventure which I would highly recommend to those who want to pursue a career in the IP world and understand the working structure of an EU institution!

António Andrade Ferreira

I have received a warm welcome and always felt supported throughout this experience. Working in such a multicultural and diverse department is a very gratifying opportunity. Daily interactions with business leaders and IP experts, alongside the familiarity within the team, contribute to my sense of belonging at the EPO. I am sure that having worked in such a prestigious institution will have a very positive and everlasting impact on my career.

İlayda Ilgın Yolcu

As a lawyer, working in the Business Information Technology department at the EPO is precisely getting my perspective and knowledge much broader. It is marvelous to develop my theoretical patent competence in practice and to be trained at the very heart of intellectual property law. Apart from the patent law, thanks to the free courses that the EPO provides to its trainees, I have learned coding from zero and improved my German. Therefore, I would highly recommend the EPO for an internship, in case you have an intention to experience such an international and innovative atmosphere!

Maria von Cüpper

Passionate about intellectual challenges, I always wanted to be confronted with innovative ideas daily combining my scientific background with my analytical mind. The Pan-European Seal Program gave me this chance! I am currently part of the team responsible for searching and examining patent applications in the field of batteries and fuel cells. Being in contact with highly specialised experts in a multicultural and stimulating environment makes this Traineeship a valuable experience. In addition to the international atmosphere and professional support, the EPO also offers the ideal structure for your personal development, providing you with a great start to a promising career. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

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