les Nouvelles LIVE – EPO-LESI High-growth technology businesses edition

Support for high-growth technology businesses

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High-growth technology businesses are typically small and medium-sized enterprises or startups that succeed in bringing innovation, employment and productivity to traditional as well as new industry sectors. These businesses are a major driver of Europe's economic growth, and key to addressing its current challenges, from digital transformation to health and sustainable development. Patents and other intellectual property rights help them to foster innovative solutions by encouraging and rewarding investment in new products and services.

A special issue of les Nouvelles, journal of the Licensing Executives Society International, highlights the strategic use of IP by high-growth technology businesses for commercialization of their innovations and technologies.

The material on the following web pages sheds light on the challenges that these businesses face when commercializing their technologies and scaling up. They include practical advice and further sources of relevant material.

For business decision makers

Learn how to add value to your company with a proper IP strategy.

For other stakeholders of the innovation ecosystem

Learn how to ensure the success of business decision-makers and IP professionals creating value with IP.

For IP professionals

Learn how to implement business-relevant IP management components in your organisation.

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