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Law & practice

Official Journal March 2007

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Decisions of the boards of appeal
Technical boards of appeal
T 1409/05 - 3.4.03 - Sequence of divisionals/SEIKO
" Compliance with Article 76(1) EPC for a sequence of divisional applications" - "According of a filing date" - "Content of the application" - "Referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal"
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Information from the EPO
Notice from the European Patent Office dated 15 January 2007 concerning the launch of Online Filing software version 3.20
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Notice from the European Patent Office dated 30 January 2007 concerning the decision to cease to accept European and international patent applications produced with version 2.10 or any earlier version of the epoline® Online Filing software
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Notice from the European Patent Office dated 1 February 2007 concerning longer access times for Online Fee Payment
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Notice dated 13 February 2007 concerning an updated version of the Request for Grant form (Form 1001)
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Examination Board of the European qualifying examination
- Appointment of members of examination committees
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- List of references to landmark decisions
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Announcement of the European qualifying examination 2008
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Disciplinary matters
Appointment of members of the Disciplinary Board of the European Patent Office
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List of professional representatives before the EPO
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Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices
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Calendar of events
Calendar of events
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