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Official Journal April 2007

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Administrative Council
Composition of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation
(as at March 2007)
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Decisions of the boards of appeal
Technical boards of appeal
T 1020/03 - 3.3.04 - Method of administration of IGF-I/GENENTECH INC.
" Article 52(4) EPC complied with (yes) - decisions T 317/95, T 56/97, T 584/97, T 4/98 and T 485/99 not followed as conflicting with G 5/83" - "Article 54(5) EPC applicable (yes) - decision T 4/98 not followed"
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Information from the EPO
Notice from the European Patent Office dated 8 March 2007 concerning the direct applicability of Article 70(7) of the TRIPS Agreement in Spain to European patent applications filed prior to the expiry of the reservation entered by Spain under Article 167 EPC
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List of professional representatives before the EPO
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European qualifying examination 2008
- Introductory ("Pre-prep") Courses in early autumn 2007 on Papers AB (Claim drafting and responding to the Office communication), C (Opposition) and D (Legal Questions)
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- Preparatory Seminars for Papers AB and C in November 2007, for Paper D in January 2008
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- Special course on Paper C for "multiple resitters"
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Basic training in European patent law
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International treaties
Synopsis of the territorial field of application of international patent treaties (situation on 1 March 2007)
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Accession to the PCT by the Dominican Republic (DO)
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Guidance for the payment of fees, costs and prices
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Calendar of events
Calendar of events
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