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Tallinn, Estonia – hybrid conference

11 and 12 May 2023

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PATLIB is the annual conference of the PATLIB centres.

This year the event is co-organised with the Estonian Patent Office and takes place in a hybrid format with limited on-site participation in Tallinn for PATLIB centres and national patent offices in the Baltic and Nordic states.

Whether you're attending on site or online, here's what PATLIB2023 has in store for you:

  • Hear in the keynote address how AI and the metaverse may impact innovation and IP
  • Gain insight into a successful example of innovation from an Estonian company whose inventors won the 2022 European Inventor Award in the Industry category for superior carbon-based materials for ultracapacitors
  • The PATLIB network has strengthened its network of partners, especially in the area of technology transfer. Find out what these partnerships entail and how they can benefit your organisation too
  • Learn from a Registered Technology Transfer Professional and a Certified Licensing Professional about the benefits of these qualifications and the impact of certification
  • Find out about the benefits of the EPO Knowledge Transfer to Africa initiative
  • Discover the importance of sharing knowledge and promoting innovation in least developed countries

Who should attend

Over 1300 professionals from 83 countries participated in PATLIB2022 - don't miss out on this year's hybrid event!

The first day of the event - Thursday, 11 May - is open to the public. It will be of particular interest to SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, individual inventors, IP service providers, patent searchers, IP professionals, business consultants, universities and technology transfer professionals.

Members of the PATLIB network will be able to attend the conference on both Thursday, 11 and Friday, 12 May.

This event has ended.

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