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EPO and CPVO exchange practices on patenting of plant-related inventions and plant variety protection

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23 September 2016

Technical and legal experts from the EPO and the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) took part in a joint workshop to exchange information on plant-related patents and plant variety rights. The workshop, which took place in Angers, France on 21/22 September, was organised within the framework of the Administrative Arrangement signed between the two organisations on 11 February to enhance bilateral co-operation. The agreement aims to strengthen the interinstitutional relationship through the exchange of information in order to increase transparency.

The workshop increased technical awareness and legal expertise among experts from both organisations. It also provided an opportunity to share knowledge and working practices, in particular regarding the use of databases and other working tools.

Plant variety rights give breeders control over the propagating and harvested material of their new plant varieties and allow innovative breeders to choose between becoming the exclusive marketers of the variety or licensing the variety to others.

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