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EPO joins the TTO Circle with observer status

14 June 2022

The EPO has become an observer organisation in the European Technology Transfer Offices Circle (TTO Circle), a network co-ordinated by the European Commission and its Directorate-General Joint Research Centre (DG JRC).  

This offers the PATLIB network an opportunity to gain greater insight into the latest developments in technology transfer and align the promotion of related EPO and PATLIB activities accordingly. The new role will also help strengthen the EPO's commitment to patent valorisation and its co-operation with the European Commission. 

The future of technology transfer 

The TTO Circle was initiated in 2011 by DG JRC to help bring together the major European public research organisations with a view to advancing the technology transfer landscape and innovation in Europe. The network now comprises 31 members from major European research organisations. Additionally, several other organisations have observer status, including WIPO and the Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals (ASTP). 

The EPO's participation in the TTO Circle will not only increase the visibility of the PATLIB network but also inform the implementation of PATLIB 2.0, a major project under Goal 4 of Strategic Plan 2023. Within the project, the "Tech transfer qualification and global network" plan foresees the EPO becoming a leading partner in at least one of the existing technology transfer professional qualification schemes (ATTP / RTTP and CLP). The successful implementation of the plan will further boost the role of the Office and the PATLIB network in the technology transfer field.

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