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BEIJING INCOPAT CO., LTD is a global technology and innovation intelligence provider based in China. With a professional team of over 160 staff, INCOPAT focuses on the deep integrating and value mining of global intellectual property data, providing credible and user-friendly data products and services to innovators around the world. IncoPat, as the star product of the company, offers a combination of functions including patent data search, analysis, monitor and sharing on one platform.

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Unique Data Collecting and Processing

IncoPat, a global patent database, collects 120 million patents from around 112 authorities and the data are updated every 24 hours with 14 000 new technologies added every day. In addition, IncoPat makes a deep process on patent related data like legal status, litigation, corporations business, patent operations, custom records, communication standards and some declassified national defense patents, so as to provide users with value-added information. With English translated data and more than 240 searching fields, IncoPat supports global users to explore the deep value of Chinese patents and patents all over the world.

User-friendly Functions

By using the self-developed patent DAN analysis technology, IncoPat makes a deep combination of Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property, to realise functions like AI search of patent data, landscape analysis, hotspot prediction and assists worldwide users in improving innovation efficiency, enhancing IP competitiveness and locating business opportunities in emerging markets.


In the year 2017, IncoPat won the Grand Champion Prize of First Intellectual Property Tools Contest organized by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) and was also awarded as the Chinese Information Technology Annual Leading Enterprise in the intellectual property SAAS Service Area. For overseas users, IncoPat always devotes itself to working as a professional and elaborate processor of Chinese Patent Data.

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ChemAxon is a leading company in cheminformatics providing chemical software platforms and services for chemistry and biology. ChemAxon prides itself on its customer driven development of products and services, and is focused on a longer term partnership with its clients. We aim to enhance our solutions together with our users, regardless if they come from the software development team or from the scientific world. Please visit our company website for further information.

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Chemical Naming for Asian languages

Chinese and Japanese chemical name recognition and interpretation is a challenging area for chemical text processing. ChemAxon as a market-leading cheminformatics solution provider, allocates special attention to support Asian languages. In addition to complete handling of Chinese and Japanese IUPAC naming rules, chemistry specific OCR error correction algorithms; also large common brand name dictionaries assist in reaching outstanding retrieval and precision rates. These features are available across our product portfolio, from integratable toolkit components - to complete industrial solutions. An exceptionally great demonstration of a unique cross-language capable and online cheminformatics platform is Chemicalize; where Chinese, Japanese and English chemical name conversion and text mining is fully supported.

China IPR SME Helpdesk
Organisation profile

The China IPR SME Helpdesk is a European Union co-funded project that provides European SMEs with free, practical and business advice relating to IPR in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). To learn about any aspect of intellectual property rights in China, including protecting your copyrights in the creative sector, visit our online portal. For free expert advice in IPR in China for your business, e-mail your questions to our Helpdesk experts (contact details provided on the online portal). You will receive a reply from one of the Helpdesk experts within three working days.

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The China IPR SME Helpdesk provides free supporting services to European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and European SME intermediaries who are interested in China. The aim of the project is to support EU SMEs to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights in China through the provision of jargon - free, first - line, confidential advice on intellectual property and related issues, plus training, materials and online resources. You may access this support via the Joint IPR Hub.

China Patent Information Center (CNPAT)
Organisation profile

Established in 1988 and directly subordinate to the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), the China Patent Information Center (CNPAT) is a national level public organisation for patent information services and is endowed by SIPO with the rights of patent database management, utilisation, and comprehensive service operation. We provide patent information services including patent data, patent translation service, patent retrieval and consultation, etc.

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System operation and maintenance: with a professional information technology service team, we can fully undertake operation & maintenance and research & development of information systems and local patent examination co-operation centers.

Information processing: with a patent data processing team from multi-professional backgrounds, we can take the responsibility for translation of disclosed Chinese patent data into English, indexing of disclosed Chinese patent data, processing of index terminologies in the disclosed Chinese patent data, and quality control of the completed English translation of Chinese patent data.

Information service: with complete and stable patent data resources, multifunctional and comprehensive patent search systems and enterprise innovation expert supporting platforms, we can also conduct businesses such as patent data processing, data offering, retrieval consultation and customised development for governments, institutions, enterprises and the public. 

FIZ Karlsruhe
Company profile

FIZ Karlsruhe - Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure is a non-profit corporation with the mission to supply scientists and companies with professional research and patent information as well as to develop innovative information services. Our business areas:

  • STN® - online service for research and patent information in science and technology
  • KnowEsis - innovative e-Science solutions
  • Databases and science portals

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STN's unrivalled coverage of Asian publications includes comprehensive, value-added, chemical structure searchable information from Chemical Abstracts, Clarivate Analytics and Elsevier, along with INPADOC - enhanced by FIZ Karlsruhe, full-text patents from CN, IN, JP, and KR, and non-patent literature in re-nowned collections such as CAplus, Embase, Biosis, CABA, Scisearch, Compendex or INSPEC.

New: Non-conventional patent families for Chinese dual filings in Derwent WPI and INPADOC.

Green Technology Center (GTC), Republic of Korea
Organisation profile

Green Technology Center (GTC) was established in 2013 as a Korean national policy research institute in order to proactively respond to the post-2020 climate regime through searching on domestic and global climate change policies and developing a new model to enter global markets for green climate technologies. GTC, serving under the Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea's National Designated Entity (NDE) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Technology Mechanism, has been fulfilling its primary role of developing policies for green climate technology and supporting technology transfer to developing countries through global partnership.

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A study on the typology of Climate Technology and Climate Technology Industry Statistics

The purpose of this study is to classify the types of climate technologies that have not yet been defined in terms of category and also to examine the status of domestic climate change industrial sector for collation and reporting of sales, R&D, employment activity. As a result, ‘Climate Technology Classification (CTC)' has been created by GTC and then the relationship between ‘CTC' with ‘EPO's Y02 (Climate Change Mitigation Technologies) and Y04S (Smartgrid) Codes' was reviewed and classified. Using the link of CPC Y code and CTC and patents information with the CPC Y code provided by Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), Korean Climate Technology Industry Statistics has been produced as a national statistics.

Green Climate Technology Information System (CTis)

Company profile

Hatsumei-Tsushin Co., Ltd. is in the business of providing various patent information products and services from the establishment in 1951. Since we have over 60 years of experience, our operations are supported by long standing customers. We will make an endeavor to further expand and reinforce the patent information service business so that we make a contribution to further development of this industry.

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We will introduce the HYPAT-i2 web services (JP and Asian searches). HYPAT-I2 offers access to Japanese patent and utility model documents and other asian countries, Full text search of China, and bibliographical data search of India, Thailand,and Vietnam.

Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH)
Company profile

The Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) is a leading patent services and solution provider in China. As the most important branch and reliable partner of the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO), the IPPH owns unparalleled data resources, practice experiences and technical strength, which guarantees sophisticated solutions and quality services throughout the IP life-cycle.

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Patent Databases and Supplies

We are offering the most comprehensive Chinese patent database set which covers patent transaction, litigation and latest patent status in English for worldwide users. API and other web services also are available for vendors to gain competitive advantage in terms of Chinese resources collection.

Patent Search and Analysis

Powered by more than 150 specialists with both examination and industry backgrounds, the quality and efficiency of prior art search, freedom-to-operate search, invalidity search, and monitoring service go beyond your expectations.

Machine Translation/with Manual Assistance

With billions of terms, sentences, and language models, we have been dedicated to a MT revolution, West-Eastern language barriers vanished.


Powered by advanced image recognition and comparison technology. Utilised, refined and applied in SIPO examination works. Targeted designs are shown at the very top of the list (top 10%). DesignPat offers a convenient way for users to conduct image searches for industrial designs.


RatePat is a system that can evaluate and rate Chinese patents efficiently. The proprietary index mechanism and cognitive technologies ensure that the patent set and portfolio scoring is reliable, helping you to make prudent decisions.

Japan Patent Data Service Co. (JPDS)
Company profile

JPDS, as a leading company of the patent information industry in Japan, has provided a variety products and services such as a worldwide IP database, IP management software, and IP search service etc. to thousands of clients such as corporations, patent/law firms and universities. With our subsidiary, JPDS International Patent Office, we can offer comprehensive IP solutions including legal opinions at reasonable pricing.

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The English version of "JP-NET Web" has been launched. The JP-NET Web patent search database contains the full-text of Japanese patents, utility models, designs and trademarks, including complete legal status and both of backward and forward citations.  In addition to Japanese information, 80 countries/organisations are covered with full-text from some Asian countries such as China and India. Standardised applicant name and some other supporting functions are available.

Japan Patent Information Organization (Japio)
Organisation profile

Japio is a Japanese General Incorporated Foundation which was established as a comprehensive patent information (PI) service institution in 1985. They have been providing various services and activities relating to the collection, processing, provision and promotion of PI. Especially in the research field of PI, they have been conducting continuous R&D to achieve the best accuracy and efficiency in document translation and retrieval technique. Most of their businesses are entrusted by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT). 

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In August 2014, Japio started a new patent retrieval database via the internet with Hatsumei-Tsushin Co., Ltd. (one of the most famous IP information service providers in Japan). By using a machine translation system, the database holds a huge number of original and translated patent information containing bibliographic data, abstract, patent classification, keywords and full-text data of the Five IP Offices and WIPO gazette. Japio will introduce their activities, experiences and challenges relating to the database named "Japio Global Patent Gateway / Full-text (Japio-GPG/FX)."

Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI)
Organisation profile

The Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI), an affiliated public institute of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), has been designated as a specialised institute providing information on industrial property rights to build an information infrastructure for Korea's intellectual property.

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Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) is an internet-based search service which is available to the public free of charge. It covers publications of Korean IPR applications, legal status information, trial information and etc. KIPRIS is managed by the Korea Institute of Patent Information (KIPI) on behalf of KIPO.

In the poster session, the services KIPRIS and KIPRISPlus will be presented.

Korea Institute of Patent Information-Patent Information Promotion Center (KIPI - PIPC)
Organisation profile

KIPI-PIPC (Korea Institute of Patent Information-Patent Information Promotion Center), a public institution affiliated with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office), supports the KIPO`s patent examination and offers various patent information services such as IP search, analysis, evaluation and consulting.

PIPC has been designated as an institution of prior art, PCT prior art, design search and Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) assignment by KIPO.

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Premium Asian patent search services

To support global users who have an interest in search services based on Japan, China and Korea, PIPC provides patentability/novelty and validity patent search services focused on Asian patent.

PIPC has its own patent searching system, a search tool which is designed for Asian patent searches. PIPC has over 600 expert researchers including about 170 professional researchers holding doctoral or master's degree on various technology fields. When performing a search, the searcher does not rely on English abstracts or machine translations. Instead, PIPC uses original language characters to find full text documents. This makes a considerable difference to a search result.

NGB Corporation
Company profile

NGB IP Research Institute (NGB IPRI) is Tokyo-based NGB Corporation's award-winning research arm, having technical and legal experts in various aspects of IP research and activities. Our IPRI includes 30 or more IP analysts and over 150 searchers, who cover various technical fields. We can assist you not only with conventional patent searches, but also with front-line services such as IP landscape and IP business appraisement by analysing various IP and non-IP data.

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We can search patent, utility model, design, and non-patent literature everywhere in Asia. We can provide you with one-stop IP search services for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese documents. NGB is also strong in Chinese prior art searches, since we have a strong Chinese partner in Guangzhou, exclusively working for NGB. This Chinese company adopts the same search methodology as NGB and has the same quality of services as NGB, since NGB has trained them since their establishment. 

Company profile

Questel provides a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to IP. Our offerings include:

Competitive intelligence and technological landscaping; ideation management and innovation capture; technology scouting and licensing-in; invention management and prior-art searching; portfolio management/pruning; licensing-out/monetisation; consulting services and training.

Established in 1978 and trusted by 3,000+ companies and 100,000 users worldwide, Questel's solutions target a large audience in business development, R&D, legal, financial and licensing departments.

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Questel will present Orbit Intelligence's approach to IP data from the East. We have invested in manual name translations, corrections and normalisation, and continue to increase our extensive coverage of patents, designs and trademarks. Orbit Intelligence allows you to enrich your cross-language strategies: browse 31+ full text, 100+ bibliographic databases, and the legal status, all merged into one single patent database. New features include parent company & revenue analysis, improved number searching, and entity cards.

South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk
Organisation profile

The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk is a European Union co-funded project that provides European SMEs with free, practical, business advice relating to South-East Asia. To learn about any aspect of intellectual property rights in South-East Asia, including protecting your copyrights in the creative sector, visit our online portal. For free expert advice on South-East Asia IPR for your business, e-mail your questions to our Helpdesk experts (contact details provided on the online portal). You will receive a reply from one of the Helpdesk experts within three working days.

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The South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk provides free supporting services to European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and European SME intermediaries who are interested in South-East Asia. The aim of the project is to support EU SMEs to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights in South-East Asia through the provision of jargon-free, first-line, confidential advice on intellectual property and related issues, plus training, materials and online resources. You may access this support via the Joint IPR Hub.

Business Use of Patent Information (EPO)

In 2004, EPO together with the OECD statistical task force decided there was an urgent need for a data base that would allow policy makers and economists to carry out advanced statistical analysis on patent data.

Over the past 10 years, PATSTAT has become a point of reference in the field of patent intelligence and statistics and is the preferred data set for many analysts and researchers all over the world. 

The PATSTAT team is eager to be challenged by your requests for specialised data aggregation needs.

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PATSTAT data bases have been specifically designed to form the backbone of the tools you use for advanced statistical analyses of patent data. It contains data from over 100 countries, covering nearly 100 million patent applications. The fact that PATSTAT provides patent data in csv format makes it the preferred choice to link it with other proprietary data sets.

The poster illustrates two examples of analysis made with PATSTAT data: 

A) a visualisation of the distribution of PCT applicants based on PATSTAT data

B) an analysis of PCT ownership

Asian Patent Information Services (EPO)

For several years, the EPO has been offering Asian patent information services provided by staff skilled in Asian languages and trained in the Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent systems. Recently, the services have been extended to include other regions, such as India, Chinese Taipei, ASEAN, Arabic countries and Latin America.

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The EPO's Asian Patent Information Services offer a range of services to European industry, including legal status searches and watches, patent monitoring, subject-matter searches and translations of patent documents. Courses on Asian patent information retrieval and particular aspects of the Asian patent systems are offered on a regular basis. Furthermore, free information on special features of the Asian patent systems is distributed online via a virtual helpdesk, Asian updates on the website and regular publications in the EPO's "Patent Information News". The team is also the organiser of the "East meets West" forum on Asian patent information in Vienna.

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