Špela Stres

Head of Technology Transfer and Innovation Center, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia;

Dr Spela Stres, MBA, Master of Law, is Coordinator of the national Enterprise Europe Network;she is also head of the Technology Transfer and Innovation Center, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia;

Dr Stres is President and funder of the Slovenian Association of Science and Technology Professionals, SI-TT, Ljubljana, Slovenia;

She has all been appointed to the 10-Member Group in support of the Technology Facilitation Mechanism (TFM), United Nations.

She is the Slovenian representative in steering committee and board member of the CERN TT Network, CERN, Geneva,Switzerland, and former Vice-President of the Association of Science and Technology Professionals (ASTP), The Hague, Netherlands.

Pascal Asselot

Pascal has been in the patent industry for the past 15 years. Pascal’s current focus is on global operations and adoption of the IPwe platform, offering patent-related solutions using blockchain and AI.

Prior to joining IPwe, Pascal co-founded France Brevets where he led the licensing and development group for the first sovereign patent fund in Europe. His experience with France Brevets and Technicolor has given him deep connections in the IP world in the EU and Asia.

Thomas Fischer Thomas Fischer

Senior researcher and strategic project manager at Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, Germany.

IT specialist and manager of various international projects (EU, North America) in applied research and consultancy in the area of technology and innovation management.

Former positions at Siemens AG Munich, Max-Planck Gesellschaft Stuttgart and Commerzbank AG Frankfurt. 25 years at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Stuttgart.

Currently IP manager of Fraunhofer IAO Stuttgart, member of the Fraunhofer IP management board and Coordinator of the EU funded VIP4SME project (Value Intellectual Property for SMEs -

University degree in physics and economy, PhD in mechanical engineering.

Author of numerous publications, teaching computer science at university level in Germany & Canada. Freelance photographer. Married, four children.

Ilja RudykIlja Rudyk

Ilja Rudyk is Senior Economist in the Chief Economist Unit of the European Patent Office. The Chief Economist Unit was set up to provide economic insight into issues relating to patents, innovation and economic growth. It aims to contribute high level expertise and analysis to public and expert forums and to foster well-informed debate. Before joining the EPO Ilja was working as financial architect in the IT sector and as researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. He has been involved in several research projects focusing on patents and patent systems. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Munich.

John McManus John Mc Manus

John Mc Manus is an intellectual property expert with a career profile in research and product development, company start-ups, technology transfer and the management of IP. He has developed his core competencies through a variety of career positions in the biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemical and healthcare industries in Ireland and in Germany. He has published several books on commercialising research and the management of IP.

Today, he focuses his expertise on the development of training material on the management and commercialisation of IP, technology licensing and technology transfer and provides training and coaching for universities, start-ups and SMEs. He has developed an IP training module and case study material for the EPO’s European Patent Academy and has presented at training workshops for the EPO, the European IPRHelpdesk and the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

Roger A. Hildebrandt Roger A. Hildebrandt

Roger A. Hildebrandt has worked for the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) since 2008. His main activities include the co-ordination of the co-operation with the German Patent Information Centres and business supporting organisations as well as the co-ordination and management of the German part of various EU co-financed IP-related projects such as IPeuropAware, IPorta, InnovAccess, VIP4SME.

Prior to joining the DPMA, Roger worked as project officer at INTERACT (Vienna) where he successfully supported managing authorities, joint technical secretariats, monitoring committees and audit authorities across Europe in the implementation of European territorial co-operation programmes and consultant for private sector development on behalf of international donor organisations where his fields of activity comprised the elaboration, management and evaluation of economic development programmes foremost in East and South East Europe.

Matthias KnöbelMatthias Knöbel

1978 - 1983   Technical University (TU) Dresden
Since 1983    Graduate engineer in process engineering
1983 - 1986   Shift leader at the Dresden-Coschütz brewery
1987   Designer in a company for plant construction in Dresden
1988 - 1990   Development engineer (programmer) in the same company
1990 - 1993   DV Support at BIW GmbH (consulting for industry and commerce) in Weinstadt-Endersbach (near Stuttgart)
1993 - 1996   Scientific staff member at the TU Dresden, Institute of Traffic Planning and Road Traffic
Since 1996    Employee at the Patent Information Centre (PIZ) at the TU Dresden
Since 2008    Head of PIZ Dresden

Ľubomír KuckaĽubomír Kucka

Ľubomír Kucka graduated in Library and Information Science at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava. In 1983 he completed his doctorate.

He started his career at the Slovak Technical Library in the Patent Literature Department. From 1993 to 1996, he acted as director of the Patent Information Department in the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic.

From 1999 to 2007 he was director of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava. He attended training courses organised by the EPO and is an active lecturer in several courses in the field of industrial property information. At present he is head of a PATLIB centre. His professional interest is focused on industrial property information, database searching and information services.

Kristin JirkaKristin Jirka

Kristin joined the PATLIB Centre of RWTH Aachen University in 2007. Since then she has been assistant head of the PATLIB Centre and worked as a patent searcher supporting students, scientists and external SMEs in professional information retrieval. Another task field is raising IPR awareness by giving workshops and seminars. Also, as a subject librarian at the university library Kristin is responsible for information supply concerning scientific literature for several technical disciplines.

She studied materials science and engineering at the Technical University of Berlin and gained work experience as research associate focused on non-metallic materials. To work as an information specialist in the field of engineering, she followed post-graduate studies and gained a university degree as a master of library and information science.

Susanne Ruffert Susanne Ruffert

Susanne has been head of the PATLIB Centre of RWTH Aachen University since 2002 and has thus 16 years of experience in IPR and patent information. Her focus lies on supporting scientists and SMEs in technology transfer with workshops, consultancy services, IPR searches and monitoring, as well as increasing intellectual property awareness.

Susanne studied biology at RWTH Aachen University and obtained a PhD at the University of Cologne in biophysics in co-operation with the Forschungszentrum Jülich. Before joining the PATLIB Centre Aachen she worked as an information specialist at the central library of Forschungszentrum Jülich and obtained an extra occupational degree at the Faculty of Information Science at University of Applied Science Potsdam in this discipline.

Pia BjörkPia Björk

Pia Björk, Sweden, joined the European Patent Office (EPO) in 1989 in Munich as an examiner in the fields of metallurgy and general mechanics. Between 2007 and 2017 she was operational director in the cluster of Pure and Applied Organic Chemistry in directorates dealing with cosmetics and then later pharma. Pia Björk has been involved in basic and advanced training of examiners in search and examination as well as a cluster representative in the Patent Law and Procedures group of the EPO. In January 2018 she joined the European Patent Academy. 

Julie HerveJulie Herve

Julie Herve graduated in Intellectual Property (Université Grenoble Alpes) and Management (Grenoble Ecole de Management).

After several internships dealing with IP and management, she entered INPI in the regional office of Grenoble to promote IP for SMEs and other target audiences. She joined the Centre-Val de Loire region team in 2016.

This experience has led her to develop skills and abilities to increase SMEs’ awareness on IP matters.

Cyrille DuboisCyrille Dubois

Cyrille Dubois graduated in physical chemistry and in technology and competitive intelligence. After many years at the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor in Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, as research engineer and R&D manager, he is now manager of international cooperation at the Luxembourg Institute of Intellectual Property (IPIL), which is also the sole PATLIB centre in Luxembourg.

For around 20 years, he developed and managed many projects in the technology and competitive intelligence and intellectual property fields, for public research and private companies, both at national and EU level. His projects and activities have allowed him to develop several tools and methodologies aimed at accompanying SMEs in a better integration, use and practice of IP.

Currently, he is involved in several initiatives, including the IPorta II project and the European Knowledge Transfer Society (EuKTS), as well as in charge of developing the publications and stakeholder management activities of the European IPR Helpdesk since 2011.

Henric RhedinHenric Rhedin 

Henric Rhedin, Business Developer, Sahlgrenska School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Medicine at University of Gothenburg

Henric joined the board of ASTP-Proton in June 2016 and became the President of ASTP-Proton one year later. He has long experience with ASTP-Proton being a part of the Professional Development Committee between 2007 and 2012. In addition to this Henric is active in innovation system networks on the national as well as on the international level including Swedish Network for Innovation and Tech Transfer Support (SNITTS) and he was 2008-2012 representing Sweden in HEP TTN a CERN centered network for technology transfer activities for high energy physics.

Before joining Gothenburg University Henric worked as CEO for an industrial company for 2,5 years. Prior to working in industry, Henric was 2003 till 2012 in charge of the tech transfer unit at Chalmers Industrial Technologies (CIT). The unit, Commercial R&D, provides expertise in all kinds of areas of technology including technology management and related services.

Before turning to technology transfer, Henric worked with micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) for four years in the Swedish defense industry. Previous to that, Henric enjoyed an academic career, holding a PhD in theoretical high energy physics in the field of string theory and after completing his degree he spent two years at Brandeis University in Waltham MA before taking a job as an assistant professor at Karlstad University in Sweden.

Serhat DalkiliçSerhat Dalkiliç

Serhat Dalkiliç is a RTTP certified technology transfer expert and coordinator of the IP department at Erciyes Technology Transfer Office. He has been working at TTO for more than five years and has been IPR Department coordinator since the establishment of TTO in 2012.

He has BSc and MSc degrees in civil engineering from Erciyes University. He received thorough IP training and, as a result, has improved his IP business capability. He is a European IPR Helpdesk Ambassador for Turkey.

Serhat has experience in unusual and innovative licensing methods and strategies. He is an IP trainer and he provides training for students, academics, R&D staff and sector professionals.

Daniela FilováDaniela Filová

Vice President of AriD PATLIB Centre, Czech Republic
Member of the Czech Union of Inventors and Rationalisers

Daniela's interest in IP started with the EPO's PATLIB pilot project "Reorienting patent information centres", in which the AriD PATLIB centre participated. She undertook formal training at IPO CZ and also many comprehensive courses, coaching and e-learning modules provided by the EPO. She enhanced her knowledge by supplementary courses in TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving).

With financial provision from the regional government and the town borough council and with extensive training support from the EPO, Daniela and her colleagues were able to successfully integrate new PATLIB services within their centre and start serving the public on a semi-commercial basis. They provide services up to the biggest Czech companies and institutions, overlapping the East Bohemia region borders.

Recently, Daniela was appointed assistant mechanical engineer at The P2 Steam Locomotive Company Limited, and will play a part in the "Building Britain's Most Powerful Steam Locomotive No. 2007 Prince of Wales" at the Darlington Locomotive Works, UK.

Jouni Hynynen Jouni Hynynen

Jouni Hynynen has 30 years of experience in inventions, innovations, IPR and public entrepreneurial services. Jouni graduated from Jyväskylä University with a master degree in nuclear physics in 1989. He has worked as scientist, physics teacher and entrepreneur. In his present position he offers Team Finland export services for SMEs. Team Finland is a network of public sector actors providing internationalisation services. The aim is to provide businesses with a smooth service chain, ranging from advice services to financing. During his career Jouni has contributed to several governmental projects for developing IPR and innovation services for SMEs.

Udo Gennari Udo Gennari

2006-today: Project manager at Business Upper Austria, PATLIB Centre
Senior IPR expert
Assessment of innovation management of SMEs using IMP³rove tool and counselling in Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity program of the European Commission for EEN offices.
Horizon 2020 project Peer-BIT with JIC, LIC (10/2015 - 09/2016)
Running Horizon 2020 project VIP4SME as beneficiary and task leader (12/2015 - 12/2019).
1993-2006: Senior Project Manager, Voest Alpine Industrieanlagenbau, Linz
1986-1993: R&D Department Manager,  PLANSEE, Reutte (Austria)
1986 PhD in Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck

Melanie RawlesMelanie Rawles

Central Library Plymouth

Much of Melanie's working life has involved books and for twelve years she worked for the book chain Waterstone's before moving from the private sector to the public sector. She has worked for the library service in Plymouth which is a vibrant waterfront city in the Southwest of England for nearly nine years. As well as promoting the PATLIB service through talks and presentations, Melanie provides free information and signposting services to individuals and small business. She is  also the manager of the Central Library which hosts many activities, from readers' groups to dementia friendly memory cafes to coding clubs and regularly has more than 5000 visits per week. 

Santa LozdaSanta Lozda

Santa Lozda studied library and information science at the University of Latvia and began her career at the Library of the University of Latvia. From 2013 to 2016, she worked as a librarian at the User Service Department. During this time, she planned user trainings and sessions.

At the beginning of 2016, she worked as an information specialist at the Collection Usage Development department, being responsible for information retrieval and data mining from the Web of Science and Scopus databases.

At the end of 2016, she joined the Patent and Technology Library of the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia (LPO) as Chief Professional of the Division of Information Resources. Since 2010, the LPO`s PATLIB has been one of the 340 European Patent Organisation's PATLIB centres.

At the end of 2017, the Patent and Technology Library was reorganised into the Intellectual Property Information Centre, where she is in charge of internal and external communication of the Office.

Lisa McDonald-MaierLisa McDonald-Maier

Lisa McDonald-Maier joined the EPO's principal directorate of patent information in 1992.  Over the years she has been heavily involved in the area of training and the PATLIB Network. She was responsible for the patent information content and implementation of the pilot project to reorient patent information centres. Since 2013 Lisa heads the unit of user support coordination and tools for patent information products and services. Her team has recently taken over the responsibility in providing support and assistance to the PATLIB network in the area of patent information. 

Philippe BornePhilippe Borne

Philippe Borne is head of the INPI branch office in Strasbourg. Qualified as a pharmaceutical doctor, he joined INPI in 1986 to participate in the design of the Pharmsearch pharmaceutical patent database, a project also involving the Questel-Orbit and Derwent (now part of Clarivate Analytics) companies. This permitted him to get in close contact with the patent information professionals from the major pharma/chemistry companies in Europe, especially Germany, and in the US. Philippe later became deputy manager of the INPI IP search service, before joining the regional branch department of INPI in 2008. His main task consists of raising awareness of businesses, especially SMEs, about intellectual property and getting them to implement an active IP policy. Patent analytics is one of the subjects he has to monitor as part of its activities.

Geert Boedt Geert Boedt

Geert Boedt took a BSc in Applied Informatics and spent many years working for various international organisations all over the world. In 2004, Geert took up his position at the European Patent Office. He currently is a member of the "Awareness, marketing, Business use of PI" team, located in Vienna. One of the tasks of this unit is to provide PI users with guidance on how to make proper use of the intelligence imbedded in patent data but also how to avoid pitfalls.  Geert is closely involved in the promotion, training and development of the PATSTAT product line; EPOs' flagship products developed specifically to carry out statistical analysis.  He specialised in patent statistics and patent indicators and assists many patent data users all over the world.

Nigel SpencerNigel Spencer

Nigel Spencer manages services at the British Library's Business & IP Centre, a dedicated space in the Library where entrepreneurs can access a collection of free business and intellectual property information as well as a range of training and mentoring services and networking activities. He also has wider responsibilities for the strategic development of the library's services to researchers from all disciplines.  Nigel has over 20 years of experience of managing services and projects at the British Library and regularly writes and presents on the role of information in supporting. innovation and entrepreneurship.

Arne KrügerArne Krüger

Arne Krüger, born in 1971 in East Germany, started his entrepreneurial career in 1997, when he co-founded his first consulting and information technology service company. Initially, the clients were from the German public banking sector. From 2001 on they started to work with Schering AG, today Bayer, and therefore have specialised in enterprise systems for collaboration, workflow and intranet solutions.

Since 2005, the growing team of consultants and developers has been serving the German Patent and Trade Mark Office by managing their patent publication and raw data systems. They assumed responsibility for several discontinued products of the DEPAROM product line. Today they serve around one hundred clients as patent information provider.

In the last couple of years, how people communicate has changed profoundly through the technology of digital networking. New technologies support the creation of modern working structures around people and their tasks. Within these structures people are ever more able to use tools and platforms to build solutions adapted to their criteria.

Arne Krüger is founder and managing director of Moving Targets Consulting GmbH ( in Berlin. Since 2016 he has been head of PIZnet, an association of 21 German PATLIB centres and their supporting organisations.

He lives in Berlin with his wife and their eleven-year-old daughter. Besides mtc and technology, he is passionate about Zazen meditation, photography and horse riding.

Sander De VriezeSander De Vrieze

Sander De Vrieze has been working since September 2010 as advisor on intellectual property rights for Centexbel. Centexbel is a research institute in Belgium, focussing on research in textiles and plastics. Centexbel is one of the Belgian PATLIB centres. Sander obtained a PhD in textile engineering in 2010 and is inventor on several patents. Over the last years, Sander has been advising several Belgian textile companies in their patent information questions. Furthermore, Sander is secretary for the Belgian Patent Information User Group (BEPIUG).

Mustafa Çakir

IP and Licensing at Industry Collaborations and Technology Licensing Office, Sabanci University

Mustafa Çakir is an industrial engineer and deals with technology transfer, intellectual property management, and licensing at the Industry Collaborations and Technology Licensing Office of Sabanci University. He worked at Ege University EBILTEM Technology Transfer Office as IP and Licensing manager for seven years. Mustafa has a wide range of experience in IP management and commercialisation of early-stage technologies/ideas through licensing. He assists SMEs, start-ups, and researchers in finding international partners for business and technology collaboration by providing information on tender opportunities and international networking.

He is specialised in patent portfolio management, technology licensing, patent searching, IP due diligence, and patent valuation. He managed the projects entitled "Re-orienting patent information centers" and "Disseminating IP knowledge in universities" with the European Patent Office (EPO). He frequently gives lectures and training on patent portfolio management, patent searching, IP management, licensing and technology scouting.

Nicolai Eugen Seghedin Nicolai Eugen Seghedin

Prof. Nicolai Eugen Seghedin is Ph.D. Engineer, University Professor, Vice-Rector of Technical University Gh. Assachi Iasi and Director of the National Inventics Institute, Expert of the European Patent Academy, Coordinator of the Road Map / Action Plan and the Steering Committee for the dissemination of intellectual property knowledge in Universities in Romania.

Mircea Frunza

Mircea Frunza

Mircea Frunza is a PhD. engineer and senior research scientist in the field of fluid power systems. He has been an expert specialised in industrial propriety since 2001, at PATLIB Iasi, a department of the National Inventics Institute of the Technical University Gh. Asachi.

Giovanna Oddo

Giovanna Oddo works for the European Patent Academy (based within the European Patent Office), which is tasked with promoting and supporting awareness and education in patent-related intellectual property and encouraging the sharing of best practice between Member States.  Giovanna leads on the Academy's projects to the Academic sector, building relationships with universities and encouraging the inclusion of IP in universities. Giovanna has extensive experience in developing education and training programmes and in organising training activities. Prior to joining the EPO she ran several projects in the field of education and training for companies and institutions in Boston, USA and throughout Europe.

Ewa Ropela Ewa Ropela

Ewa Ropela works as an expert in Startup Zone Gdynia. She supports start-ups in business modelling, funding and investor searches. Ewa has been responsible for the acceleration programme STARTUPS WANTED for two years.

Katarzyna Szwed Katarzyna Szwed

Katarzyna Szwed is an attorney and IP specialist in the Patent Information Centre. She focuses her practice on educating, advising and effectively helping mainly start-ups and small businesses in the field of IP law.

Both Ewa and Katarzyna are employees of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, Poland, an institution created to promote the economic development and competitiveness of cities and regions by creating new business, adding value to companies, and creating new knowledge-based jobs.

Roland Feinäugle Roland Feinäugle

Roland Feinäugle manages the department for awareness, marketing and business use of patent information at the European Patent Office. He holds a doctoral degree in physics in the area of space sensor technologies and a post-graduate degree in law.

Roland worked more than three years at the European Space Agency's astronaut training centre in Cologne. He then joined the EPO in 2002 where he headed the unit for patent information training and was responsible for training programmes including digital learning technologies. In 2016 he took over the patent information marketing department which is responsible for representing the users in the application management of the EPO's patent information products and services as well for the awareness, communication and marketing activities relating to these patent information product and services.

Heidrun Krestel

Coordinator External Stakeholders
Events, training, publications
European Patent Office, (Vienna)

Ms Krestel has a master’s degree in material science. She worked as an engineer in industry and as head of the patent and technical information centre in Nürnberg, Germany for 14 years, before joining the EPO as a liaison officer for member states. In this capacity she was in charge of drafting bilateral co-operation plans with the member states and coordinating the implementation of co-operation activities.

Later she moved to the area of Patent Information where she coordinates activities of the EPO in this field with external stakeholders, in particular with PATLIB centres as well as industry and professional representatives’ associations. She is project manager for the annual PATLIB Conference.

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