Super-workshop for power users

There will be a special workshop for power users of European patent information at 14.00 hrs on 14 November 2018. The EPO will be sending several of its database specialists to take part in the discussion.

The workshop will provide a forum for discussions on EPO patent databases and patent information products.

Discussions will be at a high level and participants will be assumed to have considerable experience in the use of EPO databases as well as the ability to contribute usefully to the debate. The discussions in the super-workshop will provide the EPO and any commercial database producers attending with the inspiration needed to improve their products and services in line with user needs.

For users, this will be an opportunity to share ideas and concerns on highly technical issues with other experienced experts, to get answers to difficult questions and to influence the future of patent information in Europe.

Admission is reserved for conference delegates who register in advance for the super-workshop. 

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