Abstracts of lectures and workshops

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High-growth businesses and patent commercialisation

A corporate perspective

Keynote lecture 1

  • Challenges for high-growth technology enterprises: key findings of a large-scale EPO survey
  • Common hurdles and how to overcome them
  • IP strategy that follows business strategy

Transactions powered by intellectual assets

A decision-maker's perspective

Keynote lecture 2

  • Key success factors for transactions
  • Anatomy of a successful transaction
  • Strategic value of intellectual assets

Market pull (market-driven)

The market is always right

Keynote lecture 3

  • Why you should want to be market driven and how it works
  • Getting your team engaged with external tech and science providers
  • Successful and not so successful market pull examples

Technology push (technology driven)

Creativity drives disruption

Keynote lecture 4

  • Why you should want to be market driven and how it works
  • The interplay with market pull
  • Examples of market push: success stories and flops

IP commercialisation successes

Doing better IP deals with the science base

Keynote lecture at the gala dinner

  • Third-party IP sources for SMEs
  • Why deals are not wholly driven by net income
  • Understanding your licensee's drivers to strike better deals


Making money from technology

With licensing, product sales or services?

Mini-plenary 1a

  • Your role in your ecosystem and value chain
  • Making a sound business case: leveraging your IP
  • Managing stakeholder relationships

IP management framework for successful implementation

Managing the digital challenge to achieve operational and strategic excellence

Mini-plenary 1b

  • New risk exposure for digital business models
  • Developing legally defensible positions in new business eco-systems
  • Organisation and compliance of IP management - experiences and outlook

Make open innovation work

How to collaborate successfully

Mini-plenary 2a

  • From theory to practice - building strong win-win partnerships
  • It's all about strategy, systems and people
  • Lessons learned

Succeeding with market facilitators

How buyers and sellers meet

Mini-plenary 2b

  • Market facilitators and their role - what we know
  • When and how to use market facilitators
  • Advantages and limitations


Strategy impact management

Mitigating negative effects and maximising positive outcomes

Breakout session 1a

  • Maximising IP's strategic impact
  • When to use it

Business model disruption

Create a new market and value network

Breakout session 1b

  • Business model disruption: evolution vs revolution
  • Benefitting from business model disruption
  • Living business model disruption

Tools and processes

Establish informed decision-making

Breakout session 1c

  • IP assessment: due diligence and stage-gate process
  • Creating and screening technology offers
  • Processes and exemptions for IP management systems

Skills and systems

What you need to know to team up

Breakout session 1d

  • IP generalists vs IP experts vs IP theorists
  • Negotiating win-win deals: it's all about team work
  • The role of external advisors

Recognition and reward mechanisms

Incentivising inventors and team players

Breakout session 2a

  • IP reward systems to adopt and to avoid
  • Managing reward systems
  • Recognition: honouring inventors and team players

Enforcement strategies

Choosing between arbitration and the courts

Breakout session 2b

  • Stumbling blocks to enforcement
  • Detecting and preventing infringement
  • What to avoid in litigation

Sustainable IP management

How to speed up the decision-making process

Breakout session 2c

  • Setting up an organisation that works seamlessly: good vs best practices
  • Metrics: aligning short and long-term goals
  • Integrating external support

Risk management and freedom to operate

Using information to make better decisions

Breakout session 2d

  • Why risk management and freedom to operate are so important
  • Towards the "right" approach
  • Wagging the dog - finding the right amount of risk to take?


Transactions done right

Alliances - Licensing - Spin-offs - Acquisitions - Divestments

The hard reality is that most strategic transactions fail or grossly underperform in real life.
Learn how to put Transaction Based Growth ManagementTM at the core of your business strategy and make alliances, licensing deals, spin-offs, acquisitions and divestments work to support the dynamic growth of your company.
Join us to find out how to:

  • Take control of strategic options
  • Understand the key principles of avoiding transaction failure
  • Develop strategic agility to choose the right pathway for your growth
  • Embrace the importance of preparation to a successful transaction
  • Avoid failure at the implementation stage
  • Learn how to use intellectual assets as a key value driver in different types of transactions.

Designing and protecting digital business models

Case studies from European industry


The digital transformation and its impact on business development pose major challenges for IP strategies. This workshop provides a step-by-step introduction to developing digital business models and using systematic IP design to create digital inventions. Business case studies provide key insights for SMEs by focusing on successful digital business transformations from European industry. These success stories range from developing digital twins and integrated industrial value chains (Rittal), to creating a digital customer experience (Hansgrohe) and designing digital ecosystems via platforms (Umdasch Group Ventures/Doka).

Join us to find out more about:

  • Developing digital business models
  • Designing IP strategy for digital transformation
  • Using patents to protect digital business models

Value-driven IP management


Intellectual property is acknowledged as a key asset in most firms. But its management is still treated primarily as an operational activity for specialists, and not as a core, strategic management function that drives corporate value. This workshop aims to give you the strategic mindset and tools you need to create and communicate the value of IP in your organisation.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Identify the key models that define how IP creates value from different strategic business perspectives
  • Measure and communicate the value of IP conceptually and quantitatively.

How to market and license your technology: best practices and expert insights from social media


Do you want to create new revenue streams from intellectual property for your company? Join us to find out:

  1. What makes you attractive as a licensor
  2. How to market your technology online, offline and on social media
  3. How to grab the attention of major market players.

A masterclass in IP negotiation

Put your skills to the test


The masterclass in intellectual property (IP) negotiation gives participants a chance to put knowledge acquired at the conference into practice. In a role play based on a real-life case study, three separate parties have to negotiate, co-operate and collaborate to bring a new intensive care unit (ICU) console to market. All participants will receive background information to study in advance and will be assigned to a team representing one of the three parties. Specific confidential instructions for each team will be distributed a day before the masterclass.

To succeed, the three parties will need to fact-find effectively, prioritise, accept compromises, reach agreements within their teams and communicate with the other parties. They will have to address technical (patent), financial (royalties) and contractual (licensing) problems. Experienced supervisors will be available to assist with and resolve any difficulties encountered by the teams. The aim of the negotiation is to complete a concept for a preliminary term sheet that will form the basis of a future commercialisation agreement supported by all parties.

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