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Impressions from the conference

On 4 and 5 November 2019 the EPO held its first-ever joint conference with the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) to focus on the importance of IP to high-growth firms. Around 300 participants from 34 nations attended the hybrid conference and training event organised in Dublin in cooperation with Enterprise Ireland.

Impressions from the High-growth technology business conference 2019


Twelve of the experts from the conference, have summarised their presentations in short videos. They share their knowledge about how to leverage patents and other types of IP for business success. Their statements are arranged in the order in which they spoke at the conference.

Juergen Graner ("Transactions powered by IP assets")

There are different types of strategic transactions for every company. Learn what role intellectual property assets play and what the key factors are for the success of those transactions.

Juergen Graner

Raymond Hegarty ("Making money from technology")

Corporate value no longer derives from tangible assets; at the same time, the role of intangible value is growing stronger by the day. Learn more about how to extract that value from an intellectual property strategy.

Raymond Hegarty

Nikos Minas ("Skills and systems")

Find out how companies organise their business units to derive value from an intellectual property strategy and which actors play a major role in that process.

Nikos Minas

Ruud Peters ("Market Pull")

A lively technological market forces companies to assess what technologies they need now and in the future. Discover the key factors that must be taken into account to answer these questions strategically.

Ruud Peters

Bowman Heiden ("Technology push")

Coming up with an invention is a long process, but it's just the beginning of a journey. Find out more about the technology push concept, the process of turning ideas into assets through intellectual property.

Bowman Heiden

Joe Doyle ("The role of IP in helping SMEs and start-ups to scale")

Find out more about Enterprise Ireland, a key actor helping Irish SMEs to implement their intellectual property strategies on the market.

Joe Doyle

Alison Campbell ("Succeeding with market facilitators")

Market facilitators can be of great value to small and medium-sized enterprises or start-ups looking for early-stage R&D solutions. Learn how organisations such as Knowledge Transfer Ireland can provide access to all the information you need to protect and efficiently commercialise your technology.

Alison Campbell

Christian Chun ("Benefits of market facilitators in the Korean market")

Discover the main differences between a private market facilitator and a public agent operating in the Korean market.

Christian Chun

Margaret Hartnett ("Recognition and reward mechanisms")

How to reward innovation is a major question for every technological company. Learn different mechanisms that can be implemented within a firm so that relevant contributors feel properly rewarded.

Margaret Hartnett

Bruno Vandermeulen ("Enforcement strategies")

Learn how to navigate patent disputes in a smart way; get tips on how to tackle challenging situations from an enforcement perspective.

Bruno Vandermeulen

Jeff Skinner ("IP commercialisation success")

Learn about the importance of relationships and trust for technology transfers.

Jeff Skinner

Gene Quinn ("Marketing for SMEs and technology companies")

Giving visibility to a company and its technology in its early stages is not an easy task; however, there are many channels to get attention for successful transactions.

Gene Quinn

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