Exhibitor presentations

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Presentation schedule (Speaking time: 7 minutes)

1. China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd.

CPA provides full-range IP services to its clients in China and abroad, with particular expertise in application prosecution, litigation, mediation, licensing, assignment and counseling in relation to patents, trade marks, copyrights, domain names, anti-unfair competition, and other IP-related areas. It also prosecutes applications for registration of patents, trade marks and designs for its clients in the Hong Kong SAR. Guided by the philosophy of total commitment to the protection of its clients' IP rights, CPA has kept on striving to achieve the highest standard of professionalism and integrity.

2. Intellisemantic

The artificial intelligence is a big opportunity in patent informatics, to pursue cooperatively by different kind of players. IntelliSemantic has the possibility to support Asian patent offices in their applications for patent classification and examination with advanced engines, e.g. to extract and categorize entities mentioned in patents and to identify key sentences. Moreover IntelliSemantic will be pleased to deliver intelligent applications relying on patent data provided by patent offices if they are easy to be integrated, e.g. available as RestAPIs and Linked Data.

3. Japan Patent Data Service (JPDS)

Confident in patent search by Japanese language? Try some quiz in the presentation!  When conducting native language search, searchers have to be careful for the unique trap of the language.  In this presentation, with the example of Japanese words which are difficult even for native speakers of Japanese to recognize, it shows you the comparison of the search result between JPDS database and free database. 

4. Questel

Questel will present Orbit Intelligence's approach to Asian IP data. We continue to invest in manual name translation, transliteration, correction and normalization. Our extensive coverage of patents, designs and trademarks keeps growing. Orbit Intelligence allows you to enrich your cross-language strategies: browse 110 patent authorities, original and English full-text and legal status, all merged into one single database. New features include: Smart Number Search, Orbit BioSequence for all major authorities, CN legal events, and KR full-text retranslations with key concepts.

5. Rouse

CIELA (www.ciela.cn) is an innovative China IP litigation analysis service developed by Rouse. CIELA enables IP owners to evaluate and compare IP litigation venues across China and includes a free-to-use web service.  Users can obtain statistics on IP rulings from across China or focus on specific courts.  Rouse has recently upgraded the data and extended the scope to cover all major IP courts in China with data coming from over 53,000 IP judgements from 601 IP courts in 357 mainland cities.


We would like to introduce the characteristic activities of Japio. Japio has the Intellectual Property AI Research Center and Japio has researched and developed AI based tools such as machine translation for searching worldwide patent data. Also, Japio hosts Patent Information Fair & Conference to diffuse patent information every year. The fair is the biggest special exhibition related to patent information and intellectual property in Japan.

7. International IPR SME Heldesks

The presentation highlights the free services of the International IPR SME Helpdesks and moreover provides an overview of recent changes in the IP landscape of Malaysia and China and will highlight several tips and watch-outs.

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