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Update from CNIPA (formerly SIPO) by Ms Peng Zhang, CNIPA

The presentation will share the information related to the restructuring of the China National Intellectual Property Office, and display the latest development of IP work in China.

Biography - Ms Peng Zhang

Ms Peng Zhang is Director General in the Patent Documentation Department of CNIPA.  She has more than 30 years' working experience in CNIPA. Currently she is mainly in charge of the administrative issues related to the patent documentation.

Recent update from JPO and renewal of the J-PlatPat database by Mr Yoshiyuki Osabe, JPO

JPO's recent developments will be introduced in this session. Topics include classification for IoT related technologies, new cases in the Examination Handbook, renewal of Japan Platform for Patent Information (J-PlatPat), and so on.

J-PlatPat is, a free-of-charge database through which IP users are able to search and refer to gazettes of and other information on patents, utility models, designs and trademarks. The JPO introduces that J-PlatPat will significantly enhance the database functions and its English UI will improve to the same level as Japanese one, thereby permitting users in Europe to access easily Japanese patent information through J-PlatPat.

Biography - Mr Yoshiyuki Osabe

Mr. Yoshiyuki OSABE has served as Deputy Director at the Patent Information Policy Planning Office of the JPO since October 2017. He engages in planning policies related to patent information including the J-PlatPat. With expertise of IP and pharmaceutical science, he joined the JPO as a patent examiner in 2002. In his career, he has also been involved in revision of examination standards at the JPO, Bio-industry policy planning in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and IP analysis at OECD.

His main publication is "Scientometrics". DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.72488.

Historic Development of KIPO's Patent Gazette by Mr Zheng Yong Chen, KIPO

Patent gazettes are a valuable source of patent information, but they are not used actively. Through reviewing KIPO`s patent gazettes from the point of view of patent information, we obtained some interesting features. The following are contents covered in this presentation:

  • The first patent gazette in korea
  • Historic development of KIPO`s patent gazette
  • Analysis of Patent gazetteBiography - Redzuan bin Ali

Biography - Mr Zheng Yong Chen

Mr Chen is working as a data processing engineer in the Information Management Division at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). Before joining KIPO, he worked for the International Intellectual Property Training Institute, International Education Division. He received a Master of Science degree in Computer Science at South China University of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information and Communication Technology at Soongsil University, Korea. 

Spotlight on Malaysia by Mr Redzuan bin Ali, MyIPO

"COUNTRY FOCUS" Malaysia - The speaker will share on the latest "IP ONLINE SEARCH AND FILING SYSTEM" newly developed for general public uses and can be accessed worldwide via the internet. This web based tool can be used to search the patent applied in Malaysia since 1988. Users can view the patent bibliographic data including the abstract and status.  The most important search features will also be shared to the participants.

Biography - Redzuan bin Ali

Mr. Redzuan Ali is currently a Senior Director of the Patent Engineering Division MyIPO. He has more than 25 years' experience in the Intellectual Property field particularly patent. He was a patent examiner for 15 years, before involving in consulting works with numerous local universities in Malaysia in IP related area. Prior to his present appointment, he was the Director of the Intellectual Property Academy of MyIPO. 

Report from Rospatent  by Mr Roman Korniets, Rospatent

Prospective changes in patent licensing: Licensing for patent applications, Rospatent, by Roman Korniets.

The presentation will describe prospective changes in Russian patent law related to introduction of licensing for patent applications and making this information available.

Biography - Roman Korniets

From 2008-2012, Mr. Korniets was a patent expert in Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS). In 2012, he joined the "All-Russian Patent and Technical Library" Division of FIPS as a translator and interpreter. In his career there, he has also been involved in conducting training events for patent search. In addition, Mr. Korniets was dealing with patent information issues. In  2017, he joined the patent law division of the Department for the Provision of State Services of Rospatent as a leading specialist-expert. He deals with rendering state services by Rospatent. His duties cover wide range of issues in this field, including inventions and utility models.

Patent information resources of Rospatent  by Ms Olga Fedoseeva

The presentation will describe possibilities of Rospatent information resources such as inner patent retrieval system, online searching system of the patent information

for the wide range of external  users and other services related to patent information.

Also Mrs. Fedoseeva will present Rospatent's  new project Yandex.Patent implemented jointly with one of the largest Russian technology company Yandex.

Biography - Olga Fedoseeva

Mrs. Olga Fedoseeva is Deputy Head of the Division

for Design of Information Retrieval System of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS)  of the Russian Intellectual Property Office (Rospatent). She has  worked in the field  of the  information technology at Rospatent since 2003. She is involved in some projects in the area of patents, trademarks and designs such as publication system as search systems. Also she participates  in some task force groups of the Committee on WIPO Standards.

Recent developments at the Indian Patent Office by Mr Amarendra Samal, IP India

The presentation basically will cover a glimpse of the development that has taken place in Indian Patent Office during the last 3-4 years. This office aims at creating a user friendly environment for the stakeholders to provide the best services in its advanced form which indirectly helps in disseminating the positive aspect of Intellectual Property (IP) for development of the society. The conventional services provided by IPO have been completely converted to e-services to make it easier, faster and cost saving

Biography - Mr Amarendra Samal

Dr Amarendra Samal is Ph. D. in Chemistry and has two years of further Research and Development experience (Post Doctoral Fellow) in the field of Chemical Sciences upto the year 2002. He joined the Indian Patent Office as Examiner of Patents & Designs in the year 2002. After discharging the function of Examiner of Patents for more than six years, he got elevated to the managerial posts i.e. Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs in the year 2009 and as Deputy Controller in the year 2015.

News from the Gulf Cooperation Council – by Mr Hussam AlMuqhim and Mr Abdulrahman ALMohawes

Biography – Hussam AIMuqhim

Hussam AlMuqhim is a Business Development Director in the GCC Patent Office. He has a degree in information system and master degree in Economy. He has more than 10 years' working experience in the GCC Patent Office.

Biography - Abdulrahman ALMohawes

Abdulrahman ALMohawes is the Head section of Patent Information Technology in GCCPO. He has a degree in Computer Science.He Joined the information technology at GCC Patent office in 2010. He Worked in many IT projects in the area of Patents such as E-filling, Electronic Certification & Electronic Publication Systems.

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