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Daniel ClosaDaniel Closa

EPO senior expert, EPO

Daniel worked for Thomson in France from 1984 to 1987. He joined the EPO in Berlin in November 1987 and was transferred to the Munich office in November 1991, where he has been a senior expert since 2015. He worked in different ICT fields and in particular in the business method field from 1998 to 2014. He has been a member of the working group in charge of the Chapter II Guidelines since 2015. He passed the European qualifying examination in 1998, and since 1999 is member of Committee III in charge of the legal paper of the EQE. He is member of the opposition division and is a trainer for EPO examiners and national patent offices. He is co-author of the book "Patent law for computer scientists".

Alex Gardiner Alex Gardiner

Team Manager ICT, EPO

Graduated from Aberdeen University in Scotland. After working on oil platforms as a telecommunications engineer and radio operator, he joined the EPO at the end of 1990, working first in Munich, then in The Hague for 10 years before returning to Munich in 2007. He is currently the manager of a team of 13 examiners and one senior expert.

He started off working on analogue amplifiers, then computer bus and database systems, but since 1997 his focus has been on CIIs in the area of business methods and the internet as well as various ‘new' areas as they arrived.  Having chaired a very large number of oral proceedings, mostly ending in refusal in the business method area, he has not only drafted and delivered internal and external training material on this function. He has participated in various groups considering legal procedure changes and project managed the implementation of these within the EPC and EPO.

Alex also holds the European Qualifying Exam for European Attorney.

Anders OnshageAnders Onshage

Assoc General Counsel, Baxter

Anders heads up the European patent function within Legal/IP of Baxter International, Inc, a company providing a broad portfolio of essential healthcare products. He has a M.Sc. (EE) from the University of Lund, Sweden, is a qualified European patent attorney, and is, since many years, a member of the EQE Committee III. Anders joined Gambro Lundia AB in 2008, a company which later was acquired by Baxter. Before that, in 1996-2008, he worked with IP at Ericsson, in the telecom sector, where he held various management positions. The stay at Ericsson was preceded by six years with the EPO in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he worked in the field of semiconductors.

Herman PhalénHerman Phalén

Head of the Patent Department, PRV

He started as an examiner in PRV in 1984 in the field of combustion engines. After a few years he was responsible for the training of examiners regarding patentable matters, inventive step and novelty. During 1993-2000 he became head of a technical unit in the field of mechanics. 2000 he took on the role as PRVs first process owner of the patent process, which position he kept until he became the head of the patent department 2017.

Herman has been engaged in cooperation with the EPO over his career. He became a member of the Swedish delegation of the Administrative Council of EPO in 2004 and has stayed as a member since then. He has been attending the EPN and TOSC on regular basis. In the PCT-partnership PCHSA, between the EPO, OEPM and PRV he was the representative of PRV in the working group for quality.

David Robinson David Robinson

European patent attorney, Marks & Clerk

David is the managing partner at Marks & Clerk's Manchester office. He specialises in patent matters relating to computer software, computer hardware and business methods, with a focus on advising in connection with the inherent patentability of computer-implemented inventions. He manages patent portfolios of leading multinational software companies, as well as working for universities and SMEs. He graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in computer science and maths, before going on to obtain a master's degree in mathematical logic and the theory of computation. He then completed a PhD in automated reasoning before joining Marks & Clerk.

Anders StröbeckAnders Ströbeck

Senior expert ICT, EPO

Anders is a senior expert examiner in sector ICT since 2015 and has experience from different areas of telecommunications. Presently he works mainly in the field of network and computer security. He also has experience as chairman of opposition divisions and is a member of the working group in charge of the CII Guidelines since 2014. Before joining the EPO in The Hague in 1998 he worked with software development and testing for telecommunications systems between 1993 and 1995 and then as examiner in the telecommunications field at the Swedish Patent Office, PRV. He graduated from Lund Technical University with a degree in engineering physics.

Per WendinPer Wendin


I worked as a patent examiner at the EPO in 1990-1995. Thereafter, I left the patent/IP industry for some years to return again in 2010 to form our own company Kapea AB, specialising in IP strategies. Since 2017 I lead the patent team within Spotify, the world's largest audio streaming service and one of Europe's leading software companies. In this position, I deal with patent questions on a daily basis and see some of the global differences that exist within software patenting.

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