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Monday, 23 November 2020

09.00 - 09.30 hrs

Welcome by President António Campinos, EPO

Opening by Marco Bravo, EPO

09.30 - 10.45 hrs

Asian IP in practice

JPO's AI activities for patent examination
Takaaki Yamamoto
, Japan Patent Office
Presentation (PDF, 509 KB)

Patent term extension? Update on the new Chinese Patent Law amendment
Dengbo Ji, China National Intellectual Property Administration
Presentation (PDF, 265 KB)

AI utilisation in KIPO's IT systems
Seongheon Kang
, Korean Patent Office
Presentation (PDF, 869 KB)

Recent progress in patent information tools
Andrey Sekretov
, Eurasian Patent Office
Presentation (PDF, 1.6 MB)

10.45 - 11.45 hrs

Networking lounge

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

09.00 - 10.00 hrs

Discussion round

1)    Keyword searches in Asian full texts
   Presentation JPO (PDF, 70 KB)
    Presentation IPPH (PDF, 930 KB)
       Presentation KIPO (PDF, 1.8 MB)
       Presentation WIPO (PDF, 1.0 MB)
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 747 KB)

2)    Asian data in Espacenet
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 242 KB)
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 786 KB)
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 620 KB)

11.00 - 12.00 hrs

Discussion round

1)    Keyword searches in Asian full texts
       Presentation JPO (PDF, 70 KB)
       Presentation IPPH (PDF, 930 KB)
       Presentation KIPO (PDF, 1.8 MB)
       Presentation WIPO (PDF, 1.0 MB)
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 747 KB)

2)    Asian data in Espacenet
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 242 KB)
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 786 KB)
       Presentation EPO (PDF, 620 KB)

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

09.00 - 10.30 hrs

Stream: Asian file wrappers: usage, coverage, search examples
A stream is a series of short presentations highlighting different points of view on a certain topic. Experts and users will share their experiences and there will be plenty of room for discussions and questions.
Presentation JPO (PDF, 882 KB)
Presentation CNIPA (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Presentation KIPO   (PDF, 464 KB)
Presentation WIPO (PDF, 772 KB)
Presentation EPO (PDF, 821 KB)

10.30 - 10.45 hrs

Closing remarks
Presentation (PDF, 297 KB)

10.45 - 11.45 hrs

Networking lounge


Marco BravoMarco Bravo, EPO
Marco Bravo is EPO's director of Patent Knowledge Promotion. He is an expert in innovation, technology transfer, and IP-based commercialisation. His professional experience crosses industry, academia, government, and entrepreneurship, with extensive cross-cultural in Europe, the United States, and Asia. As an entrepreneur, Marco has co-founded three companies, with one successful exit, and a business angel fund, and actively mentored 200+ technology start-up companies and entrepreneurs from multiple countries. Throughout his career, Marco Bravo has published in international peer-reviewed journals and has been distinguished with multiple business and academic awards.

Takaaki YamamotoTakaaki Yamamoto, AI Project Team, JPO
Takaaki Yamamoto is currently a member of the Artificial Intelligence Project Team at the Japan Patent Office (JPO), having been appointed to this position in January 2019. He started his career at the JPO in 2008, and has since worked as a patent examiner in the mechanical technology field. In addition, he was appointed deputy director of the policy planning office of the administrative affairs division in 2018.

Dengbo Ji Dengbo Ji, CNIPA
Dengbo Ji is Administrator in the Treaty and Law Department at CNIPA. Entering CNIPA in 2013, he is currently in charge of patent legal research.  

Seongheon KangSeongheon Kang, Information & Customer Policy Division (AI), KIPO
Mr Kang was before working at KIPO's Informatization planning & policymaking department as Informatization quality control manager(EA).

Andrey SekretovAndrey Sekretov, International Relations Department, Eurasian Patent Office
Andrey Sekretov is in charge of International Relations Department of the Eurasian Patent Office since 2017.

With his background in automation and finance, he joined the Eurasian Patent Office as a patent information products specialist in 1999. In his career in the Office, he has been involved in automation of patent information processing and publication procedures, introduction of recent technical formats and standards and in the development of various Eurasian patent information products and services, as well as implementation of international cooperation projects in the area of patent information. For several years he was in charge of patent information quality in the Eurasian Patent Office.


Top of pageJutta HauserJutta Haußer, EPO
Jutta Haußer studied Japanese and Chinese studies at the University of Munich (Germany) and holds a PhD in Japanese Studies. She has spent several years in Taiwan and Japan doing research. From 1992 to 2005, she was assistant professor at the University of Munich, LMU. She joined the European Patent Office in 2007. As a member of the EPO's Asian patent information team, now Worldwide IP Knowledge, she was originally mainly responsible for facilitating access to and monitoring Japanese patent information, but is now also covering a broader range as China and other jurisdictions. She is giving regularly seminars on Asian patent information.

Jürgen MühlJürgen Mühl, EPO
Jürgen Mühl joined the European Patent Office in 2009 and has been working for the EPO's Asian Patent Information Services since then. He is mainly in charge of services related to Korea and provides information to users on a variety of topics such as patent documentation, searches in free information sources and regular updates on new IP-related developments in Korea and other Asian jurisdictions. He also gives training courses and seminars on Asian patent information topics on a regular basis.
Before joining the office, Jürgen obtained a master's degree in Korean Studies at Ruhr University Bochum/Germany. He also spent part of his studies in Korea for language education at Ewha University in Seoul.


JPO's AI Activities for Patent Examination
Takaaki Yamamoto, AI Project Team, JPO

The JPO has been studying the possibility of utilization of AI technology in the JPO operations in accordance with the "Action Plan for Utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology". In this topic, we outline the JPO's initiatives for AI application based on the above action plan.

Further, we will also present a summary of the results of the research project on concept search, the usage status of the concept search in the JPO, and an overview of the "ADPAS" search system, which allows you to search for documents around the world at once.

Patent term extension? Update on the new Chinese Patent Law amendment
Dengbo Ji, Treaty and Law Department, CNIPA
This presentation will briefly introduce the latest progress of the 4th amendment of the Chinese Patent Law and its main content.

AI utilization in KIPO's IT systems
Seongheon Kang, Information & Customer Policy Division (AI), KIPO

With the development of industries, intellectual property (IP) information has continuously increased in every corner of the world, including the Republic of Korea, and the IP service market of the private sector has seen a rapid growth as well. In this regard, we will present you of the current status of AI introduction or utilization in KIPO and the way forward.

KIPO has developed a mid- and long-term strategy for introducing AI technologies into the examination environment. We will introduce AI technologies by phase in consideration of the maturity of technologies for our artificial intelligence tasks.

In line with that, we will work out a systematic plan in view of technology, data, human resources and cooperation and strengthen cooperation with industries, academia and R&D sector, as well as with other IP offices, so as to more efficiently introduce AI technology. 

Recent progress and prospects of patent information services of the EAPO
Mr Andrey Sekretov, International Relations Department, Eurasian Patent Office

The presentation will focus on the latest developments in products and services of the Eurasian Patent Organization relevant for international users, such as ‘instant' publication of patent documents at the Eurasian Publication Server, new interface and legal status information in English in the Register of Eurasian patents. Expansion of collections of patent documents of the countries of Eurasian region with data available in English in the Eurasian Patent Information System (EAPATIS) as well as access to registers of national patent offices of Contracting States of the Eurasian Patent Convention (with focus on direct links in EAPATIS) will also be reviewed in the course of the presentation.

Stream: Asian file wrappers
To understand the current legal situation of patent applications has always been of great importance, but even more so in times beyond one’s own control (motives of force majeure) that cause legal uncertainty. This is when looking into the national registers as well as electronic files becomes a sine qua non importance.

Users may access file wrappers of Chinese, Japanese and Korean documents not only in the EPO’s Global Dossier but also in tools provided by the Asian offices such as CNIPA’s CPQUERY or the “One Portal Dossier” services offered by the JPO and KIPO to also investigate in which cases force majeure can have an impact on the extensions of deadlines, restorations of right etc, to understand what will be considered as force majeure (e.g. earthquakes, pandemics such as COVID-19).

In this stream you will get a comprehensive overview on special features of these sources and the most recent developments. It will also be a platform to share your own experiences and particular challenges you encounter in your daily work with these tools.

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