Search Matters 2020

Search Matters 2020 poster Online conference for patent search professionals
14-16 October 2020

Join this year's online conference to gain a deeper insight into how our examiners tackle the complex task of searching the ever-expanding body of prior art.

Search Matters 2020 will deliver its programme in the format of interactive online workshops and plenary sessions, with a special focus on disruptive technologies such as 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing), CII (computer-implemented inventions) and AI (artificial intelligence).

Some of the topics we'll also explore include:

  • Advanced features in Espacenet
  • Machine translation tool
  • Asian prior art
  • Interrelated patents and applications
  • The problem-solution approach

This high-level event is once again organised by the European Patent Academy.

Recordings of the conference

Who should attend?

Patent search professionals from business, academia and IP firms. 

This event has ended.

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