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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Welcome and introduction

14.00 hrs


Dana Colarulli, Executive director, LESI
Audrey Yap, President, LESI
Thomas Bereuter, programme manager, Innovation Support, European Patent Academy, EPO


14.10 hrs

Licensing forum

Sonja London, Head of Consumer Electronics Licensing Program, Nokia Technologies
Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan, IP Lawyer and Partner, Bird and Bird
Hemang Shah, India Engineering Lead, Qualcomm Technology Licensing
Matteo Sabattini, Director of IP Policy, Ericsson
Antti Sunnari, CEO and Founder, Dispelix

15.10 hrs


Dana Colarulli

15.15 hrs

Build to sell forum

Juergen Graner, founder and CEO, Globalator

Florian Kandler, Serial Founder, Start-up Coach and Author

Ching-Cheng "James" Hou, Entrepreneur, IP Lawyer and Professor

Patrick Monroe, M&A Lawyer, Monroe Law

Michael Schaude, former CEO and founder, Bender MedSystems

16.15 hrs


Dana Colarulli

16.20 hrs

Growth financing forum

Willem Bulthuis, Founder and CEO, Corporate Ventures Advisory GmbH

Robert Gallenberger, General Partner, btov Venture Capital

Sung-Wook Kim, Partner Attorney, NAM & NAM

Ted Sichelman, Professor at the University of San Diego School of Law

Philipp Kramer, co-founder and CTO, DyeMansion


17.20 hrs

Conclusions and closing remarks

Dana Colarulli, Executive director, LESI
Audrey Yap, President, LESI
Thomas Bereuter, programme manager, Innovation Support, European Patent Academy, EPO


Dana Colarulli Dana Colarulli - Event moderator
Executive Director at LESI
Dana is an attorney and senior government affairs professional, with more than two decades of experience working on legal-related technology policy and intellectual property issues in and with the private sector, the Executive Branch and the U.S. Congress.

Audrey YapAudrey Yap
President LESI
Audrey Yap is President of LES International, managing partner and head of the IP department of Yusarn Audrey, a regional ASEAN practise headquartered in Singapore. Audrey has been listed consecutively for 12 years running as one of the World's Leading IP strategist in surveys for IAM IAM 300.

Thomas BereuterThomas Bereuter
Programme manager, Innovation Support, European Patent Academy, EPO
Munich, Germany
Thomas is a certified licensing professional (CLP) with over 20 years of experience in the international commercialisation of early-stage technologies. He has founded and supported several high-tech start-ups and university spin-offs. He also led the business incubation and technology transfer waves in Austria in the early 2000s.

Sonja London Sonja London - Expert panel chair
Head of Consumer Electronics Licensing Program, Nokia Technologies
Helsinki, Finland
Sonja London, LLM, EMBA, is Head of Consumer Electronics Licensing Program in Nokia. In addition, she has served in several tech companies as investor and board member. She is a past President and board member of LES Scandinavia, and actively serves in LESI as co-chair of High-Tech Committee and co-chair, co-founder of Women in Licensing Alliance.

Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan - Expert panel representative Europe
IP Lawyer - Partner, Bird & Bird LLP
Paris, France
Anne-Charlotte Le Bihan is a French partner in Bird & Bird's IP Group with 20 years of experience. While her major forte is patent litigation in the pharmaceutical, electronics and telecommunications sectors, she regularly negotiates IP deals and handles soft IP matters. She has been ranked among the "Top 250 Women in IP" since 2018.

Hemang Shah Hemang Shah - Expert Panel representative Asia
India Engineering Lead, Qualcomm Technology Licensing
Karnataka, India
Hemang Shah works with Qualcomm Technology Licensing in India. Currently, he leads the engineering engagements in India, including the Qualcomm Design in India Program. Hemang has incubated more than 60 start-ups, working on innovative products for sectors including healthcare, smart cities, agritech, and robotics. He also serves as an IP mentor for start-ups, guiding them in their IP strategy. 

Matteo SabattiniMatteo Sabattini - Expert panel representative North America
Director, IP Policy, Ericsson
Matteo Sabattini is Director of IP Policy at Ericsson. Previously, he served as the CTO of the Sisvel Group and in various research and teaching positions. Matteo is an IEEE Senior Member, a Beta Gamma Sigma Lifetime Member, a member of LES and of the MIT Enterprise Forum.

Antti Sunnari Antti Sunnari – Case Study Presenter
Co-founder and CEO, Dispelix
Espoo, Finland
Antti Sunnari was a Research Scientist in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland for 10 years. In 2015, he co-founded Dispelix, a spin-out, based on research and IP generated in VTT. Since then, Dispelix has grown into a major player in diffractive optics, particularly in waveguide displays, targeting the augmented reality and head-up-display market.

Juergen Graner Juergen Graner - Expert panel chair
Founder and CEO of Globalator
San Diego, USA
London, UK
Vienna, Austria
Juergen has more than 30 years of experience managing companies, departments and strategic transactions. He has held CEO positions in 6 countries on 3 continents and coached over 100 CEOs globally. Juergen has over 20 years of teaching experience. He speaks at conferences and publishes articles about transaction management.

Florian Kandler Florian Kandler - Expert panel representative Europe
Serial Founder, Start-up Coach and Author
Vienna, Austria
Florian has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, fundraising advisor, and sales executive in Austria and Germany. He focuses on coaching founders and entrepreneurs through fundraising processes. Florian also hosts a start-up podcast, teaches at technology incubators, and published a book about early stage fundraising.

Ching-Cheng “James” Hou Ching-Cheng "James" Hou - Expert panel representative Asia
Entrepreneur, IP Lawyer and Professor
Taipei, Taiwan
Nanjing, China
James has more than 20 years of combined experience in intellectual property law and building IP related businesses. As a well-rounded practitioner in all aspects of technology commercialization, James currently splits his time between running his own businesses, consulting, publishing and lecturing.

Patrick Monroe Patrick Monroe - Expert panel representative North America
M&A Lawyer at Monroe Law
San Diego, USA
Patrick has more than 20 years of combined business and legal experience relating to high growth enterprises and M&A transactions. As a former manager spending 10 years at Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, Patrick is known for his practical approach to M&A transactions. 

Michael SchaudeMichael Schaude
Founder and former CEO Bender MedSystems
Vienna, Austria
Michael was an experienced senior manager at Boehringer Ingelheim before he started Bender MedSystems in 1998. After building it to an attractive player in the research diagnostics space, he sold it in 2009 and fulfilled his dream to retire at the age of 50, while leaving a legacy behind.

Willem Bulthuis Willem Bulthuis - Expert panel chair
Founder and CEO, Corporate Ventures Advisory GmbH
Munich, Germany
Willem has more than 30 years of experience in the global High-Tech industry, as Global Sales Executive, CTO and Member of the Board of Management. He is founder and CEO of Corporate Ventures Advisory, offering curated matchmaking between global B2B ventures and Corporate Customers as well as Investors.

Robert Gallenberger Robert Gallenberger - Expert panel representative Europe
General Partner btov Venture Capital
Munich, Germany
Robert Gallenberger joined btov Partners in 2016. His focus lies on Industry 4.0 & Industrial IoT investments. He holds board positions at the portfolio companies DyeMansion, Cybus, Headmade-materials and Threedy. Robert previously worked at Gimv, BCG and BMW, having graduated from Technical University Munich, Ecole Centrale Paris and London Business School.

Sung-wook Kim Sung-wook Kim - Expert panel representative Asia

Partner Attorney, NAM & NAM
Seoul, Korea
Sung-wook Kim is Partner patent Attorney at Nam & Nam, the IP law firm with the longest history in Korea. He has been in charge of technology commercialization projects for SMEs and research institutes. IAM Patent 1000 has selected him as one of the World's Leading Patent Professionals since 2019.

Ted SichelmanTed Sichelman – Expert panel representative North America
Professor, University of San Diego School of Law
San Diego, USA
Ted Sichelman is Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Intellectual Property Law & Markets at the University of San Diego School of Law.  He is co-author of one of the most-cited law articles on startups and intellectual property. Before becoming a law professor, he founded a venture-backed software company.

Philipp Kramer Philipp Kramer - Case Study Presenter
Co-founder and CTO, DyeMansion
Munich, Germany
Philipp Kramer is the co-founder and CTO of DyeMansion, a Munich-based company which provides a unique print-to-product workflow that transforms raw, 3D-printed parts into high-value products. Prior to starting DyeMansion, Philipp co-founded Trindo, a company that specialized in providing customized 3D-printed consumer products, like smartphone cases.

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Session info

Licensing forum

Most technology companies need to use third-party technologies, copyright or brands in their products and services - and to ensure that they are entitled to do so. Many technology companies license their technologies to customers. Licensing-in and licensing-out may involve acquiring or granting rights to patents, designs, technology, software or trademarks. The "Licensing" forum explores various interesting case studies of companies whose business is, or is impacted by, licensing. It focuses on numerous business aspects and opportunities of licensing that are relevant to high-growth technology companies.

Licensing case study: Dispelix

Dispelix will fundamentally change the way nanophotonics are designed and manufactured. It is a designer and fabless manufacturer of the world’s first truly mass manufacturable diffractive waveguide displays, which are in the core of how Augmented Reality can be visually experienced by people. The company was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from VTT, Research Institute of Finland. Today, Dispelix employs 60 people and has raised over €30M EUR of funding.

Dispelix designs, sells, and supplies DPX branded waveguide displays to product owners and their suppliers. The company also designs customized waveguide displays and licenses its intellectual property to selected customers that develop game-changing products for mainstream Augmented Reality markets, such as high-end AR eyewear.

Build to sell forum

The "Build to sell" forum is for business decision-makers who either want to sell their business or who are required to do so by their investors. Building a company to obtain ultimate value through an exit requires a long-term view and a clear goal. The "Build to sell" forum explores case studies from companies that have been successful in building a company that has been sold. The focus is on intellectual assets (technology, brand and operational excellence), as they are the key value drivers in such transactions.

Build to sell case study: Bender MedSystems GmbH

Michael Schaude, founder and former CEO, will speak about his journey from 1998 until 2009, building Bender MedSystems (BMS) from a small management buy-out into a leading entity in a niche in the global research reagents market, with a clear focus on an exit. Not only was the company successfully sold to eBioscience (USA) in 2009, but it continues to this day to flourish in its original location in Vienna (Austria), despite being sold to Affymetrix (USA) in 2011 and despite the sale of Affymetrix to Thermo Fisher (USA) in 2016. Michael will address how building strong operational excellence combined with intellectual assets not only laid the foundation for the successful sale of BMS, but also secured the future of its employees beyond the exit and through to the present day, a crucial factor for Michael when he sold the company.

Growth financing forum

Most technology start-ups and scale-ups need venture capital to finance their high-growth needs. Founders and investors must focus on creating value in the company, to be realised through an exit, i.e. selling the company or launching an IPO. The "Growth financing" forum highlights the key role played by IPR (intellectual property rights) portfolios and strategy in attracting investments and increasing company value. The featured case study will be discussed from the perspective of both founders and investors.

Growth financing case study: DyeMansion

Philipp Kramer started his first 3D printing business in 2013 with customised smartphone cases in the corporate designs of large companies. However, he and his co-founder Felix Ewald were not satisfied with the technologies available, especially as they wanted to have completely coloured products without the manual finishing work. So, they decided to develop their own solution. After some experimentation in their basement, they founded a new company, DyeMansion, in 2015 and launched the world's first industrial colouring system for 3D-printed plastics that same year. Today, DyeMansion has become the global leader in additive manufacturing finishing systems for 3D-printed plastics, delivering a full print-to-product workflow (hardware and processes) to "turn 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products". From perfect-fit eyewear to personalised car interiors, their technology establishes 3D-printed products as a part of our everyday lives.

The company's journey has included many IPR-related discussions on how to protect their innovations from being copied by competitors, whether to sell machines or offer services and whether to license their technologies to third parties, including competitors. These questions have played a key role in attracting the right investors to the company and in creating the most value.

Philipp will share some anecdotes and key lessons learnt from this journey and talk about the role of their IPR strategy in attracting investors. One of DyeMansion's key investors, Robert Gallenberger, will share his view on the importance of an IPR strategy for high-growth technology businesses.

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