Asia track

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Please note that the time zone for the programme is CET.
Moderator:  Jürgen Mühl and Edward Cooke, EPO

Friday, 5 November 2021

10.00 hrs

Welcome - Why this day is important
Richard Flammer, Principal Director Patent Knowledge, EPO

10.10 hrs

Who's who? Challenges when searching Asian documentation for applicants and owners
Philippe Bodart, Total Energies

10.30 hrs
10.35 hrs

Panel discussion: Getting to know Asian patent filers

Transliteration versus translation in Asian names - the perspective of a linguist  
Jutta  Haußer, EPO 
The importance of standardising of names - the perspective of industry 
Arndt Mecke, Siemens 
Applicant names and the art of citing Asian patent document - the perspective of an examiner 
Christoph Wirner, EPO 
Change of ownership - the perspective of a commercial provider 
Donghyun Kim, Lexis Nexis
Asian names in the EPO's databases - the perspective of a data specialist 
Tania Malmierca, EPO

11.30 hrs
Glimpses at the EPO's workbench 
Applicant names and non-patent literature
Jenny Olausson, EPO 
Crossing borders: applications with different Asian applicants 
Kati Clarke, EPO 
Applicant names in DOCDB 
Tania Malmierca, EPO 
Creating patent families - the impact of dual filing in China
Sofie Leplae, EPO
11.55 hrs
12.05 hrs
Monitoring innovation in Asia: case studies using the national offices´ databases
Jutta Haußer and Jürgen Mühl, EPO
12.20 - 12.25 hrs
Closing of Patent Knowledge Week
Gilles Requena, EPO

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