PATLIB track

Please note that the time zone for the programme is CET.

Moderator: Rainer Kaysan, EPO

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

10.00 hrs

Welcome - What to expect in this update session
Marco Bravo, EPO

10.10 hrs

Self-assessment results, level assignment and service packages
Ane Urtaza Chacón, EPO

10.20 hrs

Milestones in the development of training packages (existing/new)
Elizabeth McDonald-Maier, EPO

10.30 hrs

First impressions from new PATLIB centres
Susanna Kernthaler, EPO
Růžena Štemberková, Technology Transfer Office, University of South Bohemia
Hana Martiníková, Technology Transfer Centre, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava
Jens Hoheisel, Innowi GmbH, DE

10.50 hrs


11.00 hrs

Short demonstration of the collaboration tool
Elizabeth McDonald-Maier, EPO
Susanne Ruffert, PATLIB RWTH Aachen, DE

11.15 hrs

Expert network: status and interview with an expert
Nuria Nine, EPO
Antonio Peces, OEPM, ES

11.30 hrs


11.40 hrs

Views of the PATLIB committee after six months in place 
Françoise Feuillet, INPI Lyon, FR  
Sven Nytoft Rasmussen, Danish Patent and Trademark Office, DK 
Kath Griffiths, Norfolk Library & Information Service, GB  
Amalia Bernier Losa, CITPIA PATLIB Centre/Agencia IDEA, ES  
Susanna Kernthaler, EPO

12.00 hrs


12.10 hrs


13.30 hrs

Discussion: How can patent attorneys co-operate with PATLIB centres? 
Christoph Hoock, PATON Patent Centre Thuringia 
Jasper Werhahn, Kanzlei Meissner Bolte 
Susanna Kernthaler, EPO

13.45 hrs
13.55 hrs
Synergies between the EPO and PatCom
Roland Feinäugle, EPO
Paul Peters, PatCom
14.10 hrs

Co-operation with third parties
Enrico Luzzatto, EPO
Thomas Withnell, EPO

14.25 hrs
14.35 - 14.40 hrs

Closing of session
Rainer Kaysan, EPO

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