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Amalia Bernier is Senior IP at the PATLIB CENTRE "CITPIA AGENCIA IDEA", one of the SPTO Regional Information Centres in Andalusia (Spain). Her specialist areas include personalised advisory services on IP matters such as searches, filings, IP strategies, contracts and training seminars, and workshops about IP rights. From 2013 to 2018, she held the position of IP Helpdesk Ambassador for Spain and was the contact for the European IP Helpdesk network for Andalusia. Amalia is now actively involved in the PATLIB project. Before joining CITPIA AGENCIA IDEA, she worked in the private sector at SMEs and multinationals such as Abengoa, Mice Consultores and Alcatel. Amalia graduated in law from the University of Sevilla and holds a master's degree in corporate law from Instituto de Empresa (Madrid).

Ane Urtaza Chacón, EPO
Ane joined the EPO in 2004. For most of her career she has worked in the Publication department dealing with quality issues related to the publication of European patent documents. She is currently one of the PATLIB team members within the EPO. Ane is an English linguistics and literature graduate and holds a master's degree in marketing and communication.

Amina Maillard, Medicines Patent Pool
Amina Maillard joined the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) in September 2018. Part of the Policy and Advocacy team, she manages the MPP's MedsPaL and VaxPaL patents and licences databases. She holds a master's degree in biology from the University of Geneva and is a registered Swiss and European Patent Attorney with broad experience as a patent specialist in the private sector, particularly in the field of biopharmaceuticals. Before joining the MPP, she spent five years working for SMEs active in the field of mechanics (medical devices, optics, security printing) after having worked for 14 years in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Arzu Firlarer, Başkent University Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Transfer Office
Arzu Firlarer has more than 10 years' experience of mentoring on project development in university/industry collaborations and NGOs. Her focus has been mainly on projects involving a wide range of stakeholders. An innovative and knowledgeable professional, she has spent more than 20 years as a project co-ordinator and lecturer in physics. She is the co-ordinator of the PATLIB Centre at Başkent University. She also lectures on entrepreneurship, project management, business planning and IP management as well as mentoring on project development in several NGOs, especially for women's co-operatives and associations of women entrepreneurs. Arzu has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Middle East Technical University.

Arndt Mecke, Siemens AG
Arndt Mecke is a mineralogist by education. He joined Siemens' patent information department in 2001 after working in IT for various SMEs. Siemens' Munich-based patent information department operates an in-house patent database that can be accessed throughout the entire company. Arndt and his colleagues offer custom-made alert services as well as education and training for the in-house system. Arndt is also deputy chairman of the PDG working group IMPACT.

Benoit Olbrechts, Sirris
After 15 years working towards a PhD in microelectronics and lab research, Benoit spent 5 years working the exciting world of MedTech start-ups, where he experienced the process of drafting and filing a patent from the inventor's point of view. At the beginning of 2020, Benoit joined Sirris, the collective centre for the technology industry in Belgium - an R&D centre dedicated to supporting companies in their innovation processes, both from technical and strategic points of view. He is now in charge of Technology Watch and Intellectual Property Services.

Björn Jürgens, CITPIA PATLIB Centre Agencia IDEA
Björn Jürgens is senior analyst at the CITPIA patent information centre of the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia, a major Spanish public institution dedicated to fostering innovation and R&D among SMEs. He has more than 15 years of experience working in the field of patent analytics and competitive intelligence and has extensive practical experience in patent searching and patent databases. Björn is actively involved in the PATLIB project. Furthermore, since 2016 he has been a designated IP ambassador from the EU IP Helpdesk network. Björn has an academic background in information and knowledge management at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Germany), a master's degree in information science and a PhD in the field of bibliometric patent analysis from the University of Granada (Spain).

Christoph Hoock, PATON, Thuringian Patent Centre (at Technical University Ilmenau)
Since 2010, Christoph Hoock has been head of PATON, the patent centre of Thuringia at Technical University Ilmenau, Germany. He and 17 colleagues offer services related to IP information for inventors, SMEs, industry customers and students. He teaches IP management at undergraduate and post-graduate level. Before joining PATON, he worked as a head of patent and information services in the pharmaceutical industry. Christoph studied organic chemistry (PhD in 1991) and has successfully completed training in intellectual property rights at Delta Patents and CEIPI.

Christian Hackl, TUM-Tech GmbH
Christian Hackl is Managing Director of TUM-Tech GmbH and assistant professor at the TUM Chair of Technology and Innovation Management. He is senior IP advisor to the European IP Helpdesk and is active as lecturer for various institutions (including the European Patent Office). Before joining TUM-Tech, he spent several years working as a management consultant for a renowned strategic consulting company. His educational background is in chemistry and he conducted his PhD research in Munich and New York.

Christian Soltmann, EPO
Christian Soltmann is a product manager in the EPO's Patent Data Services team. He holds a PhD in materials science and a MAS in intellectual property. He joined the EPO in 2013 and is currently involved in maintaining and further developing the "EPO worldwide legal event data (INPADOC)" service. He has several years of experience lecturing in the field of patent information and intellectual property, both on behalf of the EPO at various events in Europe and as a lecturer in the academic sector. He also makes an active contribution to the EPO's work in the field of patent analytics and training.

Christoph Ernst, EPO
Christoph Ernst worked as a lawyer for several years and held leadership positions at the German Federal Ministry of Justice for over two decades, firstly as chief of division and then as head of the directorate responsible for intellectual property. He is the author of a number of publications and articles and a key speaker at international conferences. Since 1 January 2019, he has been Vice-President Legal and International Affairs at the European Patent Office. In this capacity, he is in charge of international co-operation with IP offices and stakeholders inside and outside Europe, patent information, patent knowledge and legal affairs. As a member of the Top Management Team, he is also involved in a broad range of strategic matters.

David Horat, EPO
David Horat is Head of Prior-art Data Management at the European Patent Office, leading an IT department delivering 1 000+ data pipelines of high-quality prior-art documents. He was previously IT Director at the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands, where he led the digital transformation, and a software engineer at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), where he architected a federated grid computing testing system which monitored the resources of 300+ data processing centres with +10M cores and +15 petabytes of storage. David holds an MSc in computer science and a LL.M. in intellectual property and business management.

Dietmar Pressner, EPO
Dietmar Pressner is a patent attorney with over 25 years of experience and qualifications before the EPO and the USPTO. His professional experience was gained at Henkel KGaA and Bayer AG in Germany and the US and over the last 17 years with DSM NV in Switzerland and the Netherlands, ten of which with global responsibility for all IP matters. He also served as the Board Member of the Patent Documentation Group for eight years, two of which as its President.

Edward Cooke, EPO
Edward Cooke joined the EPO in 2006. He is a patent examiner in the areas of 3D video systems, interactive video distribution and client/server environments in ICT. Edward is a member of the opposition directorate, where he has the role of chair or first member in a variety of technical fields. He holds a Dr-Ing. in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science as well as a LLM in IP Law.

Engin Hazar, Krommetal Ltd Şti and Serametal Ltd Şti
Engin Hazar is a 44-year-old mechanical engineer who graduated from Erciyes University in the Turkish city of Kayseri in 1999. He has been an engineer and manager at three different companies. He has long-standing experience in CAD-CAM, mould and machine design as well as manufacturing. He now manages Krommetal and Serametal, companies active in the area of water tanks, water pumps and greenhouse construction.

Enrico Luzzatto, EPO
Enrico Luzzatto studied chemistry at Sapienza University in Rome. He joined the EPO in 1989 and passed the European Qualifying Examination in 1998. He became operational director in chemistry in 2010. He has also taken an active role in training EPO examiners and has given a number of lectures on patenting and procedural matters. In January 2018, he joined the European Patent Academy as Senior Advisor and as of January 2020 works in the Patent Knowledge principal directorate.

Eric de Cock van Gimst, Sonion Nederland BV
Eric studied Food Technology at the Agricultural University in Wageningen, graduating in both food chemistry and food microbiology. After holding various positions at a tobacco company, he followed his dream and became a professional photographer. Five years later he returned to the industry and joined the patent department of Meyn (poultry processing equipment) where he was responsible for the complete portfolio for almost 12 years. He also worked with Tata Steel as an IP consultant and is currently the IP manager for Sonion (sound technology). Eric became a Patent Information Professional in 2007, a Dutch Patent Attorney in 2012 and a European Patent Attorney in 2016.

Françoise Feuillet, INPI
Françoise has a master's degree in intellectual property and the management of innovation. Her career began in the IP department of an SME, where she spent nine years gaining in-depth knowledge of the protection of innovation and IP practices in a business context. She then joined the INPI regional branch office in Lyon, where her main activities are to promote IP and support stakeholders in their IP strategy based on tailored services such as IP pre-diagnosis, IP masterclass or start-up support programmes. INPI PATLIB Centre in Lyon focuses on the local network of education, academic research, incubators, start-ups and mid-size or mid-cap companies.

Guido Moradei, Quaestio - Patent Information Partners srl
Guido is the founder and CEO of Quaestio, an Italian firm specialised in providing IP information services to attorneys, lawyers and IP departments of large companies. With more than 30 years of experience, he speaks at and chairs international conferences and meetings, authors papers and collaborates with patent offices on advisory bodies such as the SACEPO/PDI, the WIPO Committee of Standards and as advisor of several IP-related projects and journals. Guido is a QPIP-certified professional and a proactive member of the community of patent information specialists.

Hana Martiníková, Technology Transfer Centre, VSB Technical University of Ostrava
Hana Martiníková works as a patent consultant at VSB Technical University of Ostrava in the university TTO. She has been working with the IPO since 2010, completed studies at the IPO in 2012 and from 2015 to 2017 underwent basic training at the Centre d'Études Internationales de la Proprieté Intellectuelle, Université de Strasbourg (in Prague). She holds a PhD in geology from VSB-TUO and an Ing. degree in commercial engineering from the same university. She has completed internships in the UK, Canada, Brazil, Israel and Latvia.

Idil Buse Kok Hazer, ODTÜ Technology Transfer Office
Idil Buse Kok Hazer, lawyer, Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) and chartered patent attorney, is the director of Middle East Technical University (ODTU) Technology Transfer Office. She is also one of the IP Ambassadors of the European IP Helpdesk. She has more than 13 years of expertise in technology transfer, commercialisation of IP, managing IP portfolio development and management, litigation, patent valuation and strategic opinion.

Ignacio Muñoz Ozores, EPO
Ignacio Muñoz Ozores previously worked at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) as Head of Documentation Service, as expert from Spain at WIPO SCIT meetings and in Latin America on the promotion of patent information. In 2005, he joined the EPO in Vienna as publications manager overseeing several patent information products such as ESPACE-BULLETIN and ESPACE-LEGAL. In 2007, he took on the role of application manager for the European Patent Register and was involved in the introduction of the Federated Register service. Ignacio is the register stakeholder in several EPO projects including the introduction of a Unitary Patent Register. Since 2010, he has been EPO country co-ordinator for the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) and helps out with EPO activities to improve and promote access to patent-related court decisions in Europe.

Ilja Rudyk, EPO
Ilja Rudyk is a core member of the EPO's Chief Economist Unit. He has co-authored several studies on the role of patents and technology for the European economy. He provides expert economic insight into issues relating to innovation and technology commercialisation.

Jens Hoheisel, InnoWi GmbH
Jens Hoheisel is Managing Director of InnoWi, a patent marketing agency and patent information centre in Bremen, Germany. He is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP) with 20 years of experience in commercialisation, protection, and search of intellectual property. He studied computer science and holds a PhD in production technology from the University of Bremen. For many years he also worked as a researcher on various European projects.

Johannes Schaaf, EPO
Johannes Schaaf holds an MBA and a master's degree in physics. He worked as an engineer and innovation consultant in the corporate technology unit at Siemens and led the community of practice innovation management. He was an examiner in the area of laser technology at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. In 2005, he joined the European Patent Office in Vienna and now works in the directorate Patent Knowledge Promotion, PATLIB.

José Antonio Peces Aguado, Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
José Antonio Peces has 18 years of experience in patent examination at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, prior to which his career was in the metallurgical and microelectronics industry. His technical field mainly extends to materials, inorganic chemistry and energy, among others. In addition to patent examination, he prepares patentability reports and technology watch tasks using European Patent Office tools.

Kath Griffiths, Norfolk Library & Information Service
A qualified Librarian with over 25 years' experience, Kath Griffiths works as a Locality Manager for Norfolk Library & Information Service situated in the east of England in the UK. Kath is the lead on the Library Service's Business Information provision, which includes intellectual property, as well as being responsible for the delivery and development of the Library Service's Business Support offer in the county's seven Business and Intellectual Property Centres. Kath is the EPO Committee member for the English-speaking nations of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Malta.

Marco Bravo, EPO
Marco Bravo is the EPO's Director of Patent Knowledge Promotion and Director of Patent Data Management, a.i. He is an expert in innovation, technology transfer and IP-based commercialisation. His professional experience spans industry, academia, government, and entrepreneurship, with extensive cross-cultural experience in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Marina Schoenemann, DSruptive
Marina Schoenemann is the Business Development Manager at DSruptive, a deep-tech company specialised in implantable microelectronics, where one of her responsibilities is to improve their IP strategy and elaborate patent application drafts. She graduated with a degree in economics from the University of the South in Argentina and completed an MBA in Spain at the University of Almería, where she is currently working towards a PhD in economics. She previously worked for the National University of the South and the University of South-west Buenos Aires, both in Argentina, co-ordinating an observatory of statistics focused on the universities' area of influence.

Michael Fröhlich, EPO
Michael Fröhlich is the Director of European and International Legal Affairs, PCT at the European Patent Office. He is a fully-qualified German lawyer with a post-graduate degree and a PhD in intellectual property. His 20 years of experience in private practice, industry and standards organisations have seen him serve in increasingly responsible positions, and he oversees a team of lawyers and paralegals supporting the EPO's key policy projects by developing, enhancing and promoting the legal framework of the European and international patent system, including the PCT and the Unitary Patent System. For many years, Michael served as the Chairman of the AIPPI Committee on Patents & Standard, as the Vice-Chairman of the GSMA IPR Working Group, and as the Vice-Chairman of the LES Publication Committee.

Ming Deng, China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. Munich Office
Ming Deng received his bachelor's degree in semiconductor physics and elements at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China, and his master's degree and PhD in physics at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany. After completing his PhD, he spent seven years working in the semiconductor industry as a senior engineer and project leader developing SW- and HW-solutions for the automated chip measurements in Munich. As a qualified Chinese patent attorney, he has worked at a leading Chinese IP firm in Beijing and completed training on European patent laws and practice at an IP firm in Munich. He joined China Patent Agent (H.K.) Ltd. in 2007. Ming Deng is highly experienced at handling patent cases, especially drafting application documents, responding to office actions and analysing patent infringements. He works as CPA's representative in Munich, providing European clients with counsel on protecting IPRs in China.

Paul Peters, CAS
Paul Peters has been working for CAS for over 26 years. After earning his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, he worked in the library of the Netherlands Occupational Health and Safety Organisation. He gained familiarity with first-generation online search tools, and subsequently spent seven years as a workshop instructor for STN in the Netherlands. During this time, he trained over 500 European Patent Office examiners in patentability and novelty searching in chemistry and related fields. In 1995, he joined CAS as a regional sales manager and soon rose to become director of sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Paul now leads the staff in the US and Europe who provide customer training for all CAS products. He has been involved in a number of European patent information interest groups such as PDG, PATCOM, CEPIUG and several national groups. Paul was elected President of PATCOM in 2021.

Patrick Le Gonidec, EPO
Patrick Le Gonidec has a master's degree in structural geology and a master of computer science. He joined the EPO in the Patent Information branch in 2002. He is product manager for the following patent information products: European Publication Server, Global Dossier, Global Patent Index, EP full-text search and EP Bulletin search.

Rainer Kaysan, EPO
Rainer Kaysan joined the EPO in 2006 as a patent examiner, performing a wide range of tasks from prior art search to chairing opposition cases. His career has also included many additional assignments, mainly in the areas of training, software tools, project and change management. His background is in aerospace engineering and business economics. Since July 2021 he has been entrusted with leading the PATLIB & Stakeholders department.

Richard Flammer, EPO
Richard graduated in law from the University of Vienna and holds a PhD. He was Legal Vice-President of the Austrian Patent Office before joining the EPO in 2008. Richard is Principal Director Patent Knowledge and site manager of the EPO branch in Vienna. From 2010 to 2011 he was also responsible for European co-operation and from 2011 to 2020 he served as the Executive Director of the European Patent Academy.

Roland Feinäugle, EPO
Roland Feinäugle manages the department for awareness, marketing and business use of patent information at the European Patent Office. The unit is responsible for marketing and promotion activities as well as representing users in relation to the EPO's patent information products and services. Before taking up his current position in 2016, he headed the unit for patent information training and was responsible for training programmes including digital learning technologies. Roland holds a doctoral degree in physics in the field of space sensor technologies and a post-graduate degree in law. He worked at the German and European Space Agency for more than three years before joining the EPO in 2002.

Růžena Štemberková, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Růžena's post-graduate studies focused on industrial property law and she graduated in 2019 with a PhD in international patent law from the University of Hradec Králové. In parallel with these studies, from 2012 onwards she has been working at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, first briefly as a manager of intellectual property protection, later as head of the Technology Transfer Office. Růžena is also a member of the newly-established EPO PATLIB committee for the Visegrad countries, and is a member of the European Presidency ASTP PROTON-NAAC, a member of the international ITTN network and a member of L.E.S.I. CR AND SR. Růžena is the author of a number of articles and publications devoted to the field of intellectual property and technology transfer.

Samuel Davis, Amplified AI
Sam Davis is co-founder and CEO of Amplified AI, which uses AI to make patent searching and analytics more efficient and accessible. Since 2015, Sam has been an angel investor and advisor to deep learning-focused AI start-ups. Before that he spent five years at Landon IP where he oversaw rapid growth in the Japanese market and worked closely with Fortune 500 corporate R&D and IP departments and leading patent law firms as head of global business development for the patent analytics and innovation consulting group. Sam is a regular speaker and author on the topic of AI and IP. Outside of Amplified, Sam is a father of two, a student of foreign languages and an inspiringly mediocre musician.

Sofie Leplae, EPO
Sofie Leplae graduated from the University of Leuven. She joined the EPO in 2007 as a patent information officer in the Patent Data Services Team. She is a legal event data specialist and handles the INPADOC worldwide legal event data in XML. She is an expert on DOCDB worldwide bibliographic data in XML. She is a trainer on patent families and INPADOC legal events.

Sonia Kaufmann, EPO
Sonia Kaufmann is a patent information officer in the Patent Data Management directorate at the EPO's Vienna sub-office. She has more than 20 years of experience at the EPO. During the first decade, she was active in different areas of the patent granting process. Currently, she provides support for patent information users with a focus on the development and maintenance of the INPADOC classification scheme. She also assists with activities related to future and emerging technology analysis.

Susanna Kernthaler, EPO
Susanna joined the EPO in 2019 and is working on the PATLIB 2.0 project. Prior to joining the EPO, she was deputy head of the department for international trademarks at the Austrian Patent Office. She has a degree in law from the University of Vienna.

Susanne Hantos, Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd
Susanne Hantos is Senior Patent Counsel and Manager of the Patent Intelligence Services division of Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd, an Asia-Pacific intellectual property law firm. Susanne is a registered Australian and New Zealand patent attorney and a Canadian patent agent. She served on the PIUG Board of Directors from 2012 to 2014 as the PIUG President. In 2014, Susanne was appointed as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of World Patent Information and since 2016 she has been a member of the editorial advisory board for the journal. Susanne also volunteered as a co-ordinator of the international certification initiative for Qualified Patent Information Professionals (QPIP). In 2018, she became the Vice Chair of the Supervisory Council of the International Standards Board for QPIPs.

Susanne Ruffert, Patent & Standards Information Center (PNZ) University Library, RWTH Aachen University
Since 2002, Susanne has been in charge of the Patent & Standards Information Center (PNZ). Founded in 1882, the traditional institution has now evolved into a modern information service centre that focuses on advisory and research services for scientists and students, spin-offs, SMEs and inventors. The centre's well-trained team is highly experienced and supports the regional tech transfer scene with workshops, consultancy services, IPR searches and monitoring as well as raising awareness of intellectual property.

Sylvia Kocara, EPO
Sylvia Kocara is a patent information officer in the Publication Department at the Vienna branch of the European Patent Office. She has been Assistant to the Director for 17 years and is now also working in the area of INPADOC, with a special focus on the legal events database. Her main tasks in this field cover quality control and processing of data, monitoring automated data acquisition and processing routines, and analysing quality issues.

Thomas Bereuter, EPO, European Patent Academy, Innovation Support programme area
Thomas is a certified licensing professional (CLP) with over 20 years of experience in the international commercialisation of early-stage technologies. He has founded and supported several high-tech start-ups and university spin-offs. He also led the business incubation and technology transfer waves in Austria in the early 2000s.

Tom Withnell, EPO
Tom Withnell joined the EPO this August and is working on the PATLIB 2.0 project with a focus on technology transfer. Prior to joining the EPO, he led the Technology Transfer team at the University of Vienna and has experience in project management. His background is in electrical power engineering and superconductivity and has experience in both academia and industry.

Vesna Vajsbaher, EPO
Vesna Vajsbaher joined the EPO in 2006 as a member of the Asia Info team in EPO Patent Information, Vienna office. In 2009, she joined the Patent Data team and is currently the main business support contact for Open Patent Services (OPS) web services. As a patent information data specialist, she helps internal and external users find the best bulk data product or service solution for their specific needs. She is also involved in patent information data queries and issues relating to the external tools and services that EPO Vienna Patent Knowledge offers to the general public.

Yann Ménière, EPO
Yann Ménière joined the EPO as Chief Economist in 2016. He has many years of in-depth experience providing economic insights into issues relating to patents, innovation and economic growth, and regularly contributes high-level expertise and analysis to public and expert forums. Yann led the IP and Markets for Technology chair at MINES ParisTech, where he was previously a professor of economics. He also lectured on the economics of IP at Imperial College London, the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) and CEIPI. His research and expertise relate to the economics of innovation, competition and intellectual property.

Yolanda Sánchez García, EPO
Yolanda Sánchez García joined the EPO in Vienna in 2002. She is the Product Marketing Manager for the European Patent Register, responsible for promoting application, providing training and conducting market research. She is also actively involved in planning and developing new register services and features, including the Federated Register, Register Alert and the Unitary Patent Register, guided by the results of user consultations. Yolanda holds a PhD in organic chemistry (Universidad de Barcelona and Molecular Research Institute, Palo Alto, California), a post-doctoral degree (Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich) and a post-graduate degree in marketing.

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