Preliminary programme
Asia track

Please note that the time zone for the programme is CET. 

Friday, 5 November 2021

10.00 hrs

Welcome - Why this day is important
Richard Flammer, Principal Director Patent Knowledge, EPO


Who's who? Challenges when searching Asian documentation for applicants and owners
Philippe Bodart, Total Energies


Panel discussion: Getting to know Asian patent filers

Transliteration versus translation in Asian names - the perspective of a linguist  
Jutta  Haußer, EPO 
The importance of standardising of names - the perspective of industry 
Arndt Mecke, Siemens 
Applicant names and the art of citing Asian patent document - the perspective of an examiner 
Christoph Wirner, EPO 
Change of ownership - the perspective of a commercial provider 
To be announced 
Asian names in the EPO's databases - the perspective of a data specialist 
Tania Malmierca, EPO

  Glimpses at the EPO's workbench 
Applicant names and non-patent literature
Jenny Olausson, EPO 
Crossing borders: applications with different Asian applicants 
Kati Clarke, EPO 
Applicant names in DOCDB 
Tania Malmierca, EPO 
Creating patent families - the impact of dual filing in China
Sofie Leplae, EPO
  Monitoring innovation in Asia: case studies using the national offices´ databases
Jutta Haußer and Jürgen Mühl, EPO

Outlook and closing of session
Gilles Requena, EPO

 12.05 hrs
 Closing of Patent Knowledge Week

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