Thursday, 11 May 2023
This day will be open to the world for registration and will focus on promoting the PATLIB network in and outside Europe and will show cooperation initiatives with important partners such as WIPO, ASTP, ATTP.
09.00 hrs Opening
António Campinos, President of the European Patent Office
Margus Viher, Director General Estonian Patent Office
Christoph Ernst, Vice President, European Patent Office
09.20 hrs Keynote speech
"AI and metaverse - new rules in a changing society"
10.00 hrs

Plenary session 

"AI, metaverse and IP - are the rules of the game changing?"
panel discussion

The metaverse is not just about games, but also about business, about new ways of working and about the new economy. The panelist will discuss these topics and also the strong impact AI may have on innovation and IP.

Alexander Klenner-Bajaja, EPO
Luna Bianchi, Digital IP expert, Co- founder & CEO at Immanence
Haver Järveoja, Ready Player Me
Panel moderator: Edward Cooke, EPO

"Collaboration beyond Europe - Showcasing the benefits of the collaboration with Africa"
This session aims to demonstrate the benefits of the cooperation and the knowledge Transfer between mentors from PATLIB centres and African Universities.

Mouna Marrakchi Sellami, Institut Supérieur de Sciences Biologiques Appliquées de Tunis, Université de Tunis El Manar
Pedro Macaba Nobre, Instituto Superior Politécnico Metropolitans de Angola
Temesgen Tilahun, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Elisa Toniolo, PATLIB Treviso
Benôit Olbrechts, PATLIB Sirris
Panel moderator: Elizabeth McDonald-Maier, EPO

11.15 hrs Coffee break
11.30 hrs Plenary session

“Fostering intellectual assets management skills for R&I actors: The role of the Code of Practice on intellectual assets management for knowledge valorisation.”
In this session, the speaker will illustrate how the code resonates with the practice of R&I actors and how it can support the management of intellectual assets.

Speaker: Florentina Golisteanu, European Commission

"Promoting Innovation and Tech Transfer - a look into Professional Qualifications"
In this session a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP) and a certified licensing professional (CLP) will give an insight about the benefits of this qualification and will talk about the impact of the certification and how this instruments help.

Idil Buse Kok Hazer, ODTÜ Technology Transfer Office Ankara
Michel Morant, University-Industry Liaison Office of the University of Liège
Thomas Bereuter, EPO
Panel moderator: Marco Bravo, EPO
12.30 hrs Lunch break
13.45 hrs Plenary session

"Sharing Knowledge and promoting Innovation - a look at global cooperation initiatives" 
This session aims to showcase initiatives innovation support in LDC (least developed countries).

Nancy Samuriwo, AfriPi
Alex Riechel, WIPO
Christophe Haunold, ASTP
Fernando António dos Santos, EPO
Panel moderator: Enrico Luzzatto, EPO

"From Invention to Innovation: Curved Graphene and Skeleton Technologies"
The session will showcase a successful example of innovation from an Estonian company, whose inventors won the European Inventor Award (Industry) 2022 for superior carbon-based materials for ultracapacitors.

Speaker: Sebastian Pohlmann, Skeleton
14.45 hrs Closing day 1
Margus Viher, Director General Estonian Patent Office
Xavier Seuba, Director Patent Academy and EQE, EPO
15.00 - 16.00 hrs Onsite Plenary session

"Promoting IP - success stories from the Nordic region"

This session will showcase best practice examples of the promotion of IP in the Baltic and Northern states. 

Anna Lauttamus-Kauppila, Finish Patent and Registration Office
Olli Ilmarinen, Finish Patent and Registration Office
Terēze Vētra, Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia
Panel moderator: (tbd)
Friday, 12 May 2023
This day will focus on the network and PATLIB internal updates. It will also serve as a platform to discuss a possible continuation of successful initiatives from the project and new ideas to be implemented in the future.
Participation by invitation only - focus on members of the PATLIB network
09.30 hrs Opening
Marco Bravo, Director Patent Knowledge Promotion, European Patent Office
09.45 hrs Keynote speech
"Insights from excellence -
What happens at the Technology Transfer Office of a top university?"
Tony Raven, Retired Chief Executive, Cambridge Enterprise, Cambridge
10.00 hrs Plenary Session  

"Insights into TTO-PATLIB current and future cooperation"

Roberto Santolamazza, PATLIB Treviso
Shiva Loccisano, TTO Bologna
Panel moderator: Enrico Luzzatto

"The new PATLIB committee - Welcome!"
The PATLIB committee is just re-elected and will be presented to the network.

New PATLIB committee members (to be elected)
Panel moderator: Susanna Kernthaler, EPO

"Customer discovery and Solution Design - participants' take aways"
This new training initiative gave some PATLIB centres the chance to dive into a new way of thinking, a new way of dealing with their clients. Two participants will share their learning experiences and their takeaways with the network.

Two participants from PATLIB centres
Lisa Werner, EPO
Panel moderator: Marco Bravo, EPO
11.00 hrs Coffee break
11.15 hrs Plenary session  

"PATLIB - today and tomorrow"

Since PATLIB 2.0 comes to an end it is time to review and have a look of the milestones achieved in this project, but also showcase the vision of the future.

Speaker: Marco Bravo, EPO

"Get ready for the break- out sessions: what comes after PATLIB 2.0"
In this talk possible future initiatives will be presented to the network.

Speaker: Rainer Kaysan, EPO
12.15 hrs Lunch break
13.15 hrs Parallel breakout session  

Future PATLIB network priorities and developments will be discussed with the network.

There will be 3 onsite and 3 online breakout sessions in parallel on the same topic
14.00 hrs Plenary session

Presentation of outcome of each break-out session

Each Break out group will report on the findings in the session
14.30 hrs Closing session
Marco Bravo, Director Patent Knowledge Promotion, EPO
14.40 hrs End of conference

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