At-the-desk sessions

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NB: Registration to the "At-the-desk sessions" is no longer possible, they are fully booked.

An "At-the-desk session" is an unrivalled opportunity to spend an afternoon with an EPO examiner who is expert in a particular field of technology. This will give you a chance to share your views on practical approaches to searching. 

The "At-the-desk sessions" will take place at the European Patent Office in The Hague in the afternoon of 13 October and can only be booked in combination with the lectures and workshops on 14 and 15 October.

When registering online, you will be asked to indicate the field of technology which is of interest to you, by means of an IPC/CPC code with the option of adding key words.

NB: Places are limited (25) therefore it is advisable to register as soon as possible. The EPO will make every effort to find the best match for you. However, there is no guarantee that an examiner from a suitable technical field will be available.

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