PATLIB pilot project - six months on

16 June 2011

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The introduction of new services at patent information centres (PATLIBs) can boost demand and improve customer satisfaction, participants in a pilot project told the PATLIB2011 conference in The Hague at the end of May.

Since the start of the pilot in November 2010, 17 PATLIB centres in 11 countries, have introduced new search, IP strategy, statistical analysis and monitoring services.

Björn Jürgens, whose PATLIB centre CITPIA in Andalucía is participating in the project says, "Thanks to the project, we've restructured and improved our search services, now offering more types of searches - and above all using a better methodology. Before participating in the project, the search services we offered were quite basic. Now, thanks to the training we've received so far, we are able to offer our clients a much wider range, tailored to their specific needs."

While the project focuses on improving and developing services, emphasising the use of patents in business, another objective is to foster networking and direct contact with other institutions involved in innovation support.

Feedback from PATLIB centre clients has been positive. "Since joining the pilot project we've encountered a positive increase in customer satisfaction, mainly because of the new search services," says Mr Jürgens. "Furthermore, our client demand in 2011 has risen by 23% compared to 2010, and the number of search reports demanded by the clients exceeded the number of reports we initially planned for the pilot project."

In addition to enhanced searches the new services include:

  • assessment of the economic potential of inventions
  • assistance in commercialisation
  • development of IP strategies
  • patent clinics, i.e. consultancy on legal issues in collaboration with local patent attorneys
  • user training

The pilot project runs until the November 2013. Provided it is successful, it will be turned into a larger-scale activity and extended to other PATLIBs.

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