Social Report 2017

29 June 2018

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Cover of the Social report for the year 2017The EPO has published its Social Report 2017, which provides a comprehensive overview of staff and working conditions at the Office.

First published in 2013, the Social Report aims to increase transparency and build a common understanding of the situation of the EPO staff in all locations of the Office, and the challenges ahead for those involved in the social dialogue. It provides information on employment, professional development, social security, health, safety and welfare services, and social dialogue. As a measure of the working life of our staff, the report serves as a useful guide that will help our organisation to further secure its position as a leading employer.

"The Social Report is therefore a useful tool for helping to look at the effects of changes that we have already implemented, such as whether the EPO has managed to maintain a comprehensive social package for our staff," writes EPO President Benoît Battistelli in the foreword to the report. "But the report is also forward-looking, at a time when the EPO is exploring more initiatives to enhance gender diversity. For the first time we now include a breakdown of the managers by gender in each of the EPO's Directorates-General. Doing so will enable us to keep track in the future of how we're progressing with efforts to enhance diversity throughout our organisation, particularly in the various tiers of management."

The 2017 Social Report also reflects the latest changes implemented in human resource management. For example, following a comprehensive reform related to standards of conduct and internal justice, the structure of the report has been aligned to include a new chapter on Ethics and Compliance.

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