Supporting innovation in the plant sector: EPO and Community Plant Variety Office extend bilateral co-operation

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26 October 2018

Extending their Offices’ co-operation: EPO President Antonio Campinos (r) and Martin Ekvad, President of the CPVO

The EPO and the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) yesterday took a further step forward in their support for innovation in the plant sector by renewing their cooperation agreement for a further three years.

Looking ahead, the two Offices are considering how to expand the positive achievements of their co-operation to a broader public. This will include measures for sharing training tools with the public and for providing access to CPVO documentation via the EPO’s databases.

“The co-operation between our Offices creates a sound and reliable basis for effectively furthering innovation in the plant sector through greater transparency and a deeper understanding of each other’s roles”, EPO President Antonio Campinos commented. CPVO President Martin Ekvad welcomed the considerable progress that has been made to strengthen the interinstitutional relationship. He also remarked that “the CPVO is happy to continue the good co-operation with the EPO on the technical and policy level”.

The CPVO is a self-financed EU agency that manages the EU system granting intellectual property rights to new plant varieties. The co-operation between the EPO and CPVO to date has been extremely well received among European institutions, EU member states, stakeholders and the public in general. Major outcomes include the organisation of two bilateral workshops with the respective technical and legal experts on plant-related inventions and plant variety protection, one joint public conference on supporting innovation in the plant sector, and the development of a database on plant variety documentations to be used by EPO examiners in the plant field so they can deliver even higher quality searches and examinations to patent applicants.

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