9th CPC Annual meeting with national offices classifying in the CPC

18 March 2022

Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC)On 15 and 16 March, the EPO and USPTO held the 9th CPC Annual Meeting with national offices classifying in the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC). 79 participants from 33 offices attended the online meeting, including "observers" from offices who have expressed an interest in joining the CPC in the future.

The event is a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with the CPC, as well as discuss possible improvements to the system.

The EPO and the USPTO updated the participants on the latest developments of the CPC system, including the geographical expansion. Currently there are 32 offices classifying in CPC, of which 18 are EPO member states. A 33rd office is currently making preparations with the EPO to join.

A dedicated presentation was made by the EPO to facilitate and further promote the sharing of CPC data and reclassified data.

Participants received a preview of the External Classification Portal (ECP). It will offer additional services to the users such as a contact information service, a CPC reclassification service, a quality monitoring service, an AI-based CPC text categoriser and CPC coverage reports. Eight offices have joined the pilot phase of the project.

Topics covered during the meeting included CPC cooperation, maintenance of the CPC system, new CPC project numbering, progress in EPO publications and CPC training. An open floor discussion on possible improvements suggested by the offices concluded the event.

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