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Patents are all around us. They protect the inventions that are present in countless everyday objects, from phones and washing machines to clothes and cars. Discover how patents make your life easier and better.

Space and satellites

From GPS to Google Maps, space and satellite technologies are constantly inspiring new products and services that boost the global economy.

The future of medicine

For the past 15 years, medical technologies have been the leading category among patent applications to the European Patent Office.

Research institutes

Discover the most important think tanks across Europe, including numerous winners and finalists of the European Inventor Award.

Materials science

From self-healing concrete to nano-capsules that deliver drugs directly to tumours, new materials can help solve pressing industrial, societal and environmental problems.

Sustainable technologies

Groundbreaking inventions help to generate tomorrow's electricity while preserving resources and lowering environmental impact.

Mobile economy

While sales of desktop PCs are declining, smartphones and tablet computers emerge as a booming market. E-book readers are giving printed books a run for their money. What are the inventions fueling this digital revolution?

Women inventors

Meet the inspiring women who’ve built careers as highly successful scientists, researchers and inventors.

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