Lifestyle: patents all around us

Simple invention: plant watering device (JPG)

This section takes a closer look at everyday objects around us, to discover more about the inventions we can't live without, and the inventors who invented them.

Simple inventions

What do wall plugs, LTE and zip fasteners have in common? Along with so many other everyday objects that we take for granted, they make our lives easier and brighter. Some have even changed the way we live completely. And what exactly is behind these useful everyday objects? Why, inventors and their inventions, of course!

Oktoberfest teaser: Gingerbread hearts with the word `Oktoberfest` (JPG)Modern times in traditional guise: no Oktoberfest without patents

What about the Oktoberfest, the Tour de France, the Paris Motor Show or the Olympic Games? Without inventors and their inventions, these events would not be what they are today. Showcases for patented technology, they are hotbeds of new ideas and inventions.

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