Research institutes: The unsung heroes of invention

European research institutes: Think tanks inventing a better tomorrow

When it comes to innovative technologies, global corporations and high-tech enterprises may be at the forefront of public attention. But away from the spotlight, universities and research institutes are quietly leading the way in many technical fields. Discover the most important think tanks across Europe, including numerous winners and finalists of the European Inventor Award.

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Did you know?

According to the EPO's 2018 figures, ETH Zürich and Danmarks Tekniske Universitet led the field in terms of patent applications among European institutes of higher education. 

Photo credit: Thomas Bredøl

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Creating markets from research results conference

Conference: Creating Markets From Research Results

Organised by the EPO, the OECD and Munich Technical University, this conference assembled representatives from the fields of research, patenting and the industry and fostered interchange between research institutes and the global marketplace.

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