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Korea: Major breakthrough in standardisation of applicant names

As the first IP office worldwide, the Korean Patent Office (KIPO) has implemented a database of standardised applicant names in Korean and English in its KIPRISPlus webservice.

According to KIPO, many applicants in the past have registered patents under different applicant names, for example because of different spellings of the name  such as "AA Electronices Co. LTD" or AA Electronics Corporation" etc. This situation made searches with applicant names and statistical analyses cumbersome.

In this way, KIPO standardised applicant names in order to attach only one name for each applicant. In this way, it was possible to reduce the total number of applicant names significantly from 1.3 down to 1.22 million names.  

From this total amount of names, about 980,000 are available in both Korean and English in the new standradised Korean-English name database. KIPO has been offering this database free of charge via its webservice KIPRISplus since 23 December 2014.

For more information, please refer to KIPO's press release of 29 December 2014.

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